IDEA #59 – Music News and Concert Dates for your Favorite Bands


This idea is essentially to create a central place you can go and have a completely personalized experience that keeps you informed on music news and concert dates for bands you like — and doesn’t show you the rest (although might give you the option to see news on artists that are similar to the artists you like — which would be culled from, because they already do that artist similarity stuff).

Right now I don’t have a central place to see all the news related to music artists/bands that I like. Ditto on when they are coming to my town for a concert (the iConcertCal plugin for iTunes is the closest thing to good for bands I like coming near me to play a concert, but it only taps into what artists are found in my iTunes and it’s a plugin that works in the stand-alone iTunes software).

I have a profile — basically the service is an app that runs on my computer and tells their server what music I’m listening to, then mines all of that data and stores it — providing me charts/stats on the bands I listen to the most overall, this past week; what songs I’ve listened to the most, etc. It’s a great service and has all that data available in RSS format.

I get my music news from a variety of sources — Pitchfork, VH1, and plenty of music blogs. I’d like any news or blog post that mentions any artist found in my RSS feed (of artists I have ever listened to — or maybe make a threshold of any artist I’ve listened to more than 20 times, to eliminate random artists that I listened to on a whim, or off a soundtrack) to then display in one central screen for me (and provide me an RSS feed of all that news).

I’d like to also see this for concerts — pull in that event/concert data from (their event dates are wiki’d by their community, but becoming quite impressive — quite complete), or possibly pull in the dates from MySpace artist pages or Pollstar (although they’ve sued in the past for websites “stealing” their data) — or you can license event data from CelebrityAccess ($30k/yr) or Mojam ($18k/yr).

Right now, band pages on MySpace don’t have a standard format in terms of their URL structure — thus, I’m wondering if someone out there has compiled a giant list that matches up band names (i.e. Pittsburgh DJ “Girl Talk”) with their respective MySpace URL (i.e. That way, you could then grab the full event list for a band (here’s an example events list for the artist Girl Talk) — and then just parse those events. Otherwise, here is an example events list RSS feed from

Monetize this creation much like does — ads — new music CD banner ads, apparel, etc — anything for your 13-30 year old demographic.

Oh, and you can display concert tickets for sale/wanted on craigslist (rss search for the artist name in the respective craigslist city subdomain — although looks like they don’t want sites crawling their site like I’m suggesting). Also plugin an affiliate code with listings from eBay and eBay’s Stubhub.