IDEA #58 – Politics: Who Should You Vote For?


This idea comes from Josh Manuel of (website that allows you to submit links and apply an emotion to it — rather than just giving a thumbs up/down) (btw, it’s for sale at — although I can’t imagine he’s serious about that selling price).

Here’s Josh’s idea:

Develop a website where a user enters in where they stand on a large list of issues. Once done filling out how they feel, the website compares that list against all the candidates in the running.

The site gives you a list of who to vote for based on the issues you agree the most with and why you should not vote for certain other candidates… Hopefully throwing the stupid ‘I am voting straight Republican or straight Democratic tickets’ often seen at elections, out the window.

Monetize it with contextual ads as well as giving candidates a way to spend all their campaign contributions at a place on the net where you have a large audience of people who will be voting. It would be very targeted traffic for the presidential candidates who have 20+ million dollars. I think you could run some costly banners if you built up a nice amount of traffic and contacted their campaign managers.

My comments:

I like this idea — and it could apply to all sorts of political elections (mayor, etc). I’m not very political, so it’d be great if there was a site where I could answer a list of questions about where I stand on the issue (and also a link to more info on the issue, in case I’m not familiar with it), then see what candidate I align with the best — and where the candidates stand on those issues (where we agree/disagree). Maybe I could then specify which issues I feel very strongly about, which would show me a different candidate that I’m better aligned with (maybe not on all the issues, but on the ones I feel strongest about).