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IDEA #57 – RSS Reader Influenced By Your Peers

I thought I had written this one out, but I can’t seem to find it in my archives. The problem: There are so many RSS feeds I’m subscribed to — I’ve been using Netvibes, but it’s just no longer feasible for me; I miss tons of stuff everyday (and I know I do). I’m moving over to Google Reader — and have already been using it for about 6 months, but had done a mass import of an OPML file that had a lot of junk websites that I actually don’t care about, and haven’t removed them.

Anyhow — still, I have 100’s of RSS feeds. I’d like to see the posts that are most relevant to me — likely based on what my friends/family or those I admire, are reading. Kind of a Techmeme, but based on my network — not the world.

To make this happen, there has to be the network of friends and people you admire. Some options: Twitter, MyBlogLog, … and maybe LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, etc? Although I think you’d create your own. Then maybe a browser plugin (like the one) that allows people to give a post a thumbs up or thumbs down (a la Leaptag?) — and I’d also make this a WordPress/blog plugin, so that at the end of every blog post, the reader could easily give thumbs up/down.

Then all the thumbs up/down data is aggregated for each person’s network, and a Techmeme is shown. You could also visit your friend’s profile page and visit their Techmeme page (based on their network). There’d also be the ability to specifically tag/earmark posts for specific people.

You could also have each user publish their OPML file and generate a Techmeme based on that for each user — that’s automated (?), and which can be viewed by anyone … and/or there could be a RSS reader page (much like Google’s Reader) that you [or anyone] could view. (And of course it’d keep track of what you read/view, and mark them as ‘read’ — and likely show if you gave a thumbs up or down). Sort of also becomes a social bookmarking service — and yes, it turns out we do need another one of those 😉

For fun: Idea for the name of this business, something that ends with ‘rss’… example: ‘Radarss’.

I know someone working on something that does some of what I’m talking about, but not exactly — he’s solving another problem (kinda overlaps with what I’m talking about, but has nothing to do with RSS), and doesn’t do any of the Techmeme stuff I’ve mentioned.

  • Robyn Tippins

    Sounds an awful lot like Megite on steroids. 😉

  • Robert Dewey

    Hmm… I too recall a similar idea posted here on TechquilaShots.

  • Dan

    I’d take something like the framework over at iStalkr and add the feature you’re talking about. They’ve been creating the social side of what you’re saying, would be too bad to pull the feed from members of your list and see what is most common. In addition, you can expand this out to finding like feed items across Netflix, Amazon, etc. (all have feeds for your lists. In this way, it would be an aggregator of the peer-influence decision engines that sites like Netflix and Amazon use.

  • Chris

    I actually thought of that social RSS idea about 6 months ago and designed it all out in my head, then realized, it’s really just a feature of Google Reader and they’re half a step away from it already. You can basically do what you’re talking about by using the “Share” feed in Google reader. If your friends subscribe to your Shared items feed and you to theirs, everyone can select what they think is worth reading for their friends.

    Obviously, it’s a bit of hack for the idea as a whole, but Google is one step away from making it awesome. Hence, I didn’t want to take them on considering I’ve gotten too much other stuff on the plate. I hope what you noted that your friend is working on is more than a feature.

  • Michael Wales

    A really good idea here Steve. Like Chris said, Google is working on something like this with their Share This button, but I don’t think it goes to any extent like a full-blown company could.

  • John Dores

    Sounds like My News Network

  • Heisenberg

    @Robert Dewey:
    Below is an excerpt from a reply I wrote to a post in March.

    I was referring to a build up of blog posts after being negligent for a few days, and a similar concept:

    “I really wanted a Google Reader plug-in (or new RSS reader altogether) that helped me prioritize my unread posts. Maybe i give a thumbs up/down to posts as i read them all (when i have time), then, over time, the plug in can ‘prioritize’ unread posts for me based on other users’ preferrences. I want to know which posts readers liked who 1) read the same blogs that i do and 2) like/dislike the same individual posts that i do. Then i can read from the top (based on priority) and at some point when i get bored/run out of time, i can set all posts below a certain priority to ‘read’ and be done with them. At least there is some basis to elimiate posts.

    The next step would be to limit the people who can influence my ‘prioritization’ to friends or 2nd degree network (friends-of-friends), 3rd degree, etc.”

    “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” – Victor Hugo

  • Azzam Sheikh

    Still trying to get my head round the original post.

    I am thinking;

    1) Syndicate profiles i.e. Twitter, MyBlogLog, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, onto a singular social network site quickly and efficiently for identification purposes or simply create a new basic profile and provide url to distribute.

    2) Create wordpress, blogger, myspace, plugins and widgets however the browser plugin is best suited initially. This plugin works similar to ‘twit this’ (twitter) and stumbleupon to give it a rating. When you attempt to rate the blog post it requires a login and a ‘network’ to submit it to, these networks are made up of friends based on categories, politics, news, tech, etc. So it is similar to digg but not for public review.

    3) Once submitted a bot can parse the RSS for the post (if not done so) can send these feeds to an aggregator.

    Am I any close to understanding?

    I created the sociofeed app for Joomla and working or Feederator now that will create content for your site and your RSS feeds using keywords, but has a bit of a twist; so I am familiar about RSS feeds, but not could this one fully.

  • Chris Saad

    Hi Steve,

    This is actually what does. It is not so much about your friends and peers though, more about your ‘Attention Profile’.

    It ranks each item in your feeds against how personally relevant it is to you – and displays it in an appropriate way.

    People can write adapters to display the information in all sorts of ways – the bundled styles are a news ticker and popup alerts.


  • brklynsurfer

    I already have this on i do not need to go to specific social sites to wee what people are doing online ( as well as offline) I have all there in buddy updates. I can map this on a calender or just see what people are up to.

  • Michael Wales

    I think you really misunderstood where Steve is going with this…

  • Jorge

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