IDEA #57 – RSS Reader Influenced By Your Peers


I thought I had written this one out, but I can’t seem to find it in my archives. The problem: There are so many RSS feeds I’m subscribed to — I’ve been using Netvibes, but it’s just no longer feasible for me; I miss tons of stuff everyday (and I know I do). I’m moving over to Google Reader — and have already been using it for about 6 months, but had done a mass import of an OPML file that had a lot of junk websites that I actually don’t care about, and haven’t removed them.

Anyhow — still, I have 100’s of RSS feeds. I’d like to see the posts that are most relevant to me — likely based on what my friends/family or those I admire, are reading. Kind of a Techmeme, but based on my network — not the world.

To make this happen, there has to be the network of friends and people you admire. Some options: Twitter, MyBlogLog, … and maybe LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, etc? Although I think you’d create your own. Then maybe a browser plugin (like the one) that allows people to give a post a thumbs up or thumbs down (a la Leaptag?) — and I’d also make this a WordPress/blog plugin, so that at the end of every blog post, the reader could easily give thumbs up/down.

Then all the thumbs up/down data is aggregated for each person’s network, and a Techmeme is shown. You could also visit your friend’s profile page and visit their Techmeme page (based on their network). There’d also be the ability to specifically tag/earmark posts for specific people.

You could also have each user publish their OPML file and generate a Techmeme based on that for each user — that’s automated (?), and which can be viewed by anyone … and/or there could be a RSS reader page (much like Google’s Reader) that you [or anyone] could view. (And of course it’d keep track of what you read/view, and mark them as ‘read’ — and likely show if you gave a thumbs up or down). Sort of also becomes a social bookmarking service — and yes, it turns out we do need another one of those 😉

For fun: Idea for the name of this business, something that ends with ‘rss’… example: ‘Radarss’.

I know someone working on something that does some of what I’m talking about, but not exactly — he’s solving another problem (kinda overlaps with what I’m talking about, but has nothing to do with RSS), and doesn’t do any of the Techmeme stuff I’ve mentioned.