IDEA #52 – Search Revenues Benefit Charities


gCharity is a search engine that apparently donates 90% of search revenue proceeds to a charity. The link was posted by Drew, a Techquila Shots reader, but doesn’t list what charities or how much revenue he’s taken in. If you’re going to benefit non-profits, I think full-disclosure is a must.

Anyhow, I kind of like this idea — and have my own spin. What about people submitting charities, which receive votes and each day there is a charity that receives all the ad search revenue (or 90% say). Or maybe as a user of the service, you simply select what charity will benefit over all-time from your searching. This would spread the word and get tons of charities spreading the word organically for you.

Imagine if there had been a ‘search engine that benefits the victims of Katrina’ — I think everyone and their mother would have used that search engine. (thanks Eric for this observation)

The main problem I foresee is that this idea is basically encouraging people to click on the pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which Google wouldn’t like (nor any of the PPC advertisers). Firefox (Mozilla) I believe made $56 million last year from the search box in their browser from Google, but that is different — they don’t publicly make people aware that they are making Mozilla money for their foundation. Whereas this idea would be publicly making people aware as to how better to increase the charity beneficiaries’ revenues.

Anyone have another idea on how this could work?

You could setup the same thing as gCharity using Google Co-Op Search — anyone know if that does an ad rev-share right upon install?

Also, look at Blingo for another take on rewarded search.

Here’s another idea post related to charities.