IDEA #50 – Fantasy Sport League Widgets


First off, I’m the worst person to be even suggesting this idea — because I haven’t participated in a fantasy sports league since 1997 probably. But I know it’s a big business online.

Maybe this already exists, but what about someone creating a distributed fantasy sports league where widgets are involved. And I could place the widget on my MySpace page, and people could see my picks, latest trades, latest scoring. And bloggers / communities, could get people together for their own fantasy league within their community — and prizes could get awarded possibly. Maybe there could also be quick 1-day or 1-week fantasy contests — where you select players for a single game, or a single day’s games, etc.

Anyhow, the whole thought of distributing fantasy sports across blogs, MySpace profiles, community message boards, etc. Users would all have profiles at your website and could go head-to-head with each other, see who’s from their location, etc.