IDEA #41- Digg based on Your Friends and Network


Digg is relevant to a lot of people, but is primarily tech/geek focused — the filtering that occurs to create the ‘top 10’ lists that continuously update (“the digg homepage”), are typically what geeks find very interesting. Yes there are other categories on the site, but I don’t believe they’ve taken off as well as the tech/geek focus.

Anyhow, social search is the future of ‘search’ — basically personalized or “social” search is the 2.0 of search engines. Lijit is a funded company that is working on this — using Google’s Co-Op service, as well as their own service to create networks. Thus, Lijit allows you to add friends, or people you admire, to your network, and then do a search on anything, which searches through these contacts of yours — it’ll then show results from their bookmarks, their blog postings, etc.

What about a Digg-similar service that allows me to see the top blog posts that my friends (and those I admire) have read? MyBlogLog kind of does this — if I’m apart of various communities, it’ll tell me the top links in those communities, but that’s just click-throughs, not necessarily that the users liked. Also, what I’m really saying here is — I don’t care about the readers of the communities, I care about my network. kind of does this — in terms of all websites that my network is looking at. StumbleUpon? Reddit?

But I want to see what my contacts really have liked, news-related, most recently.

I’m writing this off the cuff — someone will likely say, “Duh, you’re talking about ______.” If I am, thanks 🙂 Otherwise, what ideas are you getting from this idea that I’m giving?