IDEA #40 cont’d – The Marketing Ideas


This is part 5 of 5 additional posts to the original idea.

These were a bunch of marketing ideas I had come up with for promoting IDEA #40. These might spark some further marketing ideas for you entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to gain user adoption of your web service.

Written in December 2005:

Inseconds – video hosting idea – Business Model

  1. Costs:

    1. $300/month for bandwidth

    2. $200/month for hosting

    3. $1000 for initial exposure

    4. Graphic Design – $750

    5. Logo Design – $200

    6. Banner Ads – $200

    7. Initial Programming – $4500

    8. Phase 2 Programming – $4500

  2. Differentiators:

    1. Ability to post video.

    2. Ability to post a video comment to a: profile, photo, or other video. (“send a video to: to reply to this”)

    3. Ability to post video and have it converted for playback on your cell phone.

    4. Ability to post video and convert it for play on your video ipod.

    5. Ability to post photos and have them sent to your cell phone.

    6. Ability to post a video clip as your profile “photo” intro.

      1. Ability for people to rate these. Ability for a person to post a video introducing themselves, talk about themselves, and look for love.

    7. Daily video contest.

  3. How to launch and get exposure:

    1. MySpace has 39mm users.

      1. Use the MySpace Friendbot, which can add up to 350 users as friends per day.

      2. Hire cheap labor to surf MySpace, find people that have 300+ friends, and make them an offer – “If you sign-up for our website and invite your friends, and get 25 of them to sign-up, we will give you XYZ.”

    2. vidiLife has 39k users.

      1. Hire cheap labor to surf vidiLife, find people with

    3. TextAmerica

      1. Hire cheap labor to surf TextAmerica, find people with high activity of sending in photos and videos.

    4. Pay-Per-Click Ads targeting: free video hosting, bored.

    5. Banner ads at low CPM

    6. Create Flash-based (?) ads that will update automatically to display that day’s theme, so that websites/users will be aware of what the theme of the day is.

    7. Buy expired domain traffic

    8. Hand-outs at:

      1. Spring Break – South Padre Island, TX; Daytona Beach; etc.

      2. SXSW (1600 concerts going on – send in your photos and videos to:

        1. Hire people to be in the streets handing out _____. Or they are video taping people and posting it to the website.

    9. Items to distribute:

      1. Flippies” – hand these out at SXSW. 25,000 cost $17,000 ($0.68/each).

      2. Coozies at spring break

    10. Contact all columnists. Get press!

    11. CONTEST – People that sign-up the most people each day or week, win something. Prize each day, then cumulative for the week, then cumulative for the month.

      1. Ipods; itunes gift cards; Autographed music; Big promotional banners from new movies


    1. Sponsorship of daily video contests.

    2. PPC and Banner Ads

    3. Video Ads before and after videos

    4. Posting video for business use (eBay, etc)

    5. Affiliate programs – have a shopping mall where people can shop, add items to wish lists, comment on products, add them to their profile, etc.

  5. “My Perspective” — basically have all types of events going on in all areas, then allow people to post a review of the event, or how the event went down from their perspective, or what was going on there. Maybe let them post it anonymously as well? (Then maybe we’d get even juicier details? But let people stillsend private messages to the author). I could see everyone that went to the U2 show in Boston, writing about the show from their perspective, then the following day, everyone can see everyone’s comments about that event. Thus we’d have a current list of all concerts taking place in every city. Then we’d have pizza shops, schools, colleges, classes, that people can comment on. Fairs, festivals, carnivals, musicals, etc. Books, movies that just came out on big screen or DVD, music albums that just came out, etc.

    1. mylifestory

    2. mytale

    3. myperspective

    4. mystory

  6. Each day, have people submit a video with a product in it. For example, one day they might take ‘altoids’ and create 15-second video clips with ‘altoids’ in it. This creates a specific reason for everyone to come back each day – and levels the playing field with artistic/creative ability since people won’t know what the new thing is until that day. The winner(s) with the top-rated videos will win _____. The following day, people will rate the videos and also know what the following day’s videos will be about.

    1. What is the greatest thing in your city? Photograph the 3 meals you eat today. Take a photo in the tanning booth. Who/where is your hair dresser? (Basically we create the largest community of new content and photos from people in all sorts of cities). We get people to speak about what they feel is special all over the world. We take MySpace to the next level. We get to a point where we are instructing people and giving them purpose each day. “Everyone go on the subway or bus today, and photograph it.”

    2. Make sure that we have permission to copy and distribute their video and/or photographs, so that we can eventually create a DVD compilation.

    3. Have people submit photos of their body parts and/or videos of their body parts. (i.e. belly, “sexy”, car show babes, items at a flea market, corn fields, …all sorts of photo/image categories for original amateur photos) (see “moblogging” “moblog”

  7. Create dynamic flash movies that will display various pics from a person’s moblog or videoblog.

  8. Eventually if this blows up, have or partner with an online music service (i.e. Napster) and private-label it. Create a music, movies, personal video awards show that occurs live on the web, and/or TV, on a quarterly basis. Get an intern to follow around a group and get raw footage of the music band, either on tour with them, or in the studio working on a new album — get permission from the record label, maybe even get paid by them eventually.

  9. does not condone activities and actions that breach the rights of copyright owners and absolutely no nudity, hate or otherwise indecent materials Prior to uploading any material to this website, please remember that your use of and any material that you upload is subject to this site’s Terms of Use It is your responsibility to obey all laws, including laws governing copyright, in each country. You are uploading from this IP address

    *Please note that it may take several minutes to upload your file, depending on your connection speed and the file size.

    Note: you must select the type Business/Advertising/promotion if the uploading video is intended solely for your business use. Failure to do this will result in your video being deleted from our system.


  1. Buy traffic through TrafficSpecials.

  2. Infiltrate MySpace users/comments. Reward them if they refer videos/users/viewers to our website.

    1. Get their AOL IM screenname to make it easy for them to obtain their video codes after they send video from their cell phone.

      1. (Or they could just be logged in online as well and refresh their ‘my videos’ screen to find the latest video they sent).

  3. Don’t make the site public at first; simply supply exclusive invites to very popular MySpace people. Get their feedback and have them try the service, and stock the initial videos.

    1. After viewing a video, have person input a title, tag, or select a prior suggested title. (Maybe this appears in a layer on top of another video clip; or even as an in-between page).

  4. On homepage, show..

    1. Today’s Video Contest Theme:

      1. Create a video that uses that theme and compete with everyone.

    2. Yesterday’s Video Contest Theme:

      1. View the entries and rate them.


  • Allow someone to be viewing the profile of someone’s page, and let them select one of the predefined questions … such as “What are you wearing?” “What are you doing?” “Show me something blue.”

    • Then a photo text message is sent to that user’s cell phone (by email) with the photo of the member and the question. The user can then reply to that email/txt (with video and/or photo and/or text) and the response is auto-posted to their profile page and privately messaged to the interacting user (and possibly IM’d to the interacting user).

    • This starts to get people to pull information from others — and create tons of more content on the site, and more interactions among members.