IDEA #40 cont’d – The Functionality Launch “Essentials”


This is part 2 of 5 additional posts to the original idea.

These were the functional pieces I felt were necessary for launch. The idea got out of hand, so I kept going back and back, trying to trim the functionality demands, so that we could launch with something.

Last modified in April 2006:

Uclips – Phase 1 – Essentials

  1. Video viewing, downloading, video code (display on blog or webpage), video URL (click on it; IM to friend; email to friend)

  2. Video commenting and replying with own video by email (cell) or webcam (direct through our website), or upload through website.

  3. video, photo, audio posting by email (cell), webcam direct, or upload through website.

    1. Notification to friends (on system or just emails given by user)

  4. Daily video contest

  5. My Profile

  6. Signup process (invite friends)

    1. Sending media by phone first and receiving confirmation code to cell for finishing signup.

  7. My Messages

  8. My Friends (friend request, what videos they have recently uploaded)

    1. Add/import emails and IM screen names

  9. Categories / Directory Structure with subject/topics and questions that are associated to one or more categories. [We need to supply this to REEA]

    1. Ability for users to create subquestions and subcategories to our official categories. [We can then make them ‘official’ categories or questions, if we approve of them]

  10. Ringtone creation from video or audio upload; or audio directly through Flash recorder on our website.

  11. Video/photo/audio blender – creates video slideshows.

  12. Video/photo/audio personal “albums” (categorizing own media).

  13. Ability for a user to create an event from their cell phone, from which can instantly be used to collect media. It can be public or private. A user can invite friends or friend groups to participate/join it instantly. A user can also participate without invite, if it is public.

  14. User profiling questions (ever 5 logins ask them questions to learn more about their interests)

  15. Friendlists (“groups”) allowing friends to receive videos/photos/audio to their cell phone. Give notification options to friends, such as:

    1. If my friend sends a video from cell, send it to my cell.

      1. If the video was a comment to a video that was not by me or my friend or any other friend of mine, do not send to my cell.

    2. If my friend records video by webcam or uploads it, do not send to my cell.

  16. Search for friends by name, email, xbox gamertag, AOL IM, Yahoo IM, MSN IM, ICQ, or GoogleTalk IM (Jabber IM).

    1. Browse people; Browse videos/photos/audio

  17. Search for media or profiles containing specific terms.

  18. Flag content.

  19. Need Flash “instructional” videos

    1. How to upload video; setup account; comment videos; setup event; record audio/video “author’s comments” to also chronicle your life (particularly with old photos).

Future Phases:

  1. Flash “instructional” video – How to for advertisers and bands.

  2. Advertisers/brands/bands can easily setup accounts.