IDEA #40 cont’d – Differentiate, Get Users, Then Revenues


This is part 4 of 5 additional posts to the original idea.

This was a document I wrote, again, to try and clarify my offering (in my own head and to possibly participants of the idea):

Last modified in January 2006:


Here’s some clarity on my thought process with this idea in regards to differentiating our offering, attracting users, and then revenues:

Once we have everything working properly, then we need to have differentiators:

  1. Ability to easily email/upload videos from cell phone, email, or web browser. (Make the videos with your cell phone, webcam, camera, or video camera).

  2. Videos converted into multiple formats – ability to post on your website/blog/MySpace Profile; send to your cell phone, send to your friend’s cell phone, send by email, download to your iPod Video player, or compile a bunch in a playlist on our site and get them in a format ready for burning to a DVDR. Also have ability to do all of the above with videos by others on our website, because every video on our website is public.

  3. Each video will have the audio extracted, turning those into custom ringtones. Thus if you see a video with great audio, then you could send that to your cell phone as a ringtone, free!

  4. Ability to easily record video on your cell phone and then email to us, then we send you an AOL Instant Message instantly with the HTML code for posting it in your MySpace profile, or as a comment to someone’s MySpace profile.

  5. Our Community — Tons of current topics to give your video opinion about, such as – What did you think of King Kong the movie? What did you think of that NCAA championship football game last night? What do you think about the new XBOX 360? If you were going to buy a digital camera, what would you suggest? Who serves the best pizza in your city?

  6. Specific daily themes — everyone has 24 hours to create a video related to the same subject/theme. The next day, everyone rates the videos, and on the third day winners are announced and prizes awarded! You don’t have to be a great film producer, you just need to be a bit creative — and everyone has the same amount of time, so it’s a leveled playing field!


Once we have differentiators, then we need to get users:

  1. Purchase misspelled domains of MySpace, VidiLife, YouTube; redirect traffic to us.

  2. Target Google AdWords campaigns to site-specific (do search for ‘myspace’, ‘youtube’, ‘video hosting’ and other phrases, find websites that get high ranking and purchase advertising on them). Also see what other ad networks these websites that relate to our website are using and try to get our ad on them — such as, this caters to MySpace users looking for editors, graphics, etc.

  3. Hire savvy college students to plow through MySpace, Friendster, etc, profiles and find users that have 200+ friends (“social influencers”) or are using video. Have our employees invite these “social influencers” to be the first users of our website, and allow them to hand-out exclusive invites to their friends. Those that have the most friends sign-up and/or most videos getting posted by themselves and friends, will win prizes — daily!

  1. 3a) Once we contact these “social influencers” (in MySpace, Friendster, etc), then we tell them they are a VIP to our service (yes, because they have tons of friends in MySpace and we respect that) and that if they post 10 video commentaries per week for next 4 weeks (get them to keep coming back to the site and becoming involved) relating to our “video opinion subjects”, then we’ll give them X. (X might be magazine subscriptions, iTunes gift certificate, etc) Maybe we also entice them to invite their friends (or maybe just through our system, but tell them that we’re hoping they’ll tell their friends, but not going to force them to; we think our website is great and you’ll want to get your friends involved).

  2. 3b) How to find these college students to work for us — post free ads on,, and Google Base. Link these ads to an affiliate program on our website, showing them how they can make some money by getting people to sign-up on our website and post videos. (We show them how they can just create their own video comments and post them on message boards, friend’s profiles, etc, and if users click through those videos and result in signing-up and even posting their own video comments, then we compensate the college student for that.)

  3. Create Flash-based ads that can be automatically updated daily on websites that display the ads, and have the new “daily video contest theme” in the ad, with quick info on what it is and how the browser can participate in it (and our website).

  4. Gimmicks to get in the Press — align with a music superstar, or a bunch of them (maybe create a monthly theme for creating the next music video for that band). Align with a movie house (New Line Cinema) to help promote one of their movies, in exchange for a press release and free PR. Get music videos posted on our site. Get exclusive video posted — team up with NBC, ABC, or CBS in regards to a popular show (or even a popular “indie” show that isn’t on the major networks). Team up with established online sources — such as some website that reviews movies and Oscars; get a counter promotion going (“you guys promote our site for allowing your visitors to post their own video comments on nominees and results, and we’ll promote you as the source for the Oscars” or for a sports website, or for a poker website, etc).

  5. Buy expired domain traffic.

  6. People will post video opinions using our service in their blogs, websites, and MySpace profiles (and comments). Every tim
    e a video displays, it has our branding through-out the video, as well as at the end of the video (a 3-second branding clip). Comment videos in MySpace will allow viewers to then submit their own comment on top of that video comment by easily sending their video comment to a specified email address in the video comment they just viewed. This continues, allowing tons of people to keep commenting on something. Becomes viral.


Once we get users, then we need revenues:

  1. Banner ads

  2. Google AdSense (or Overture PPC ads) — as we get specific webpages relating to specific topics (i.e. “Where’s the best pizza in Boston?” or “What did you think of the 40-year Old Virgin movie?” or “What do you think of the new Kanye West album, Late Registration?”), then there will be more specific PPC ads relating to those subjects, resulting in higher CPC revenues.

  3. Video ads (

  4. Sponsorships — if the video theme daily contests take off, then we’ll be able to charge Coca-Cola to have their brand or a product utilized as the daily theme.

  5. Affiliate programs — we’ll allow people to shop through our website and display products that relate to anything they are viewing on a page. If someone mentions “mortgage”, then that might be a hyperlink to an affiliate regarding mortgages. (If we turned into a MySpace, I’d turn roughly 5 keyword phrases per person’s blog/page into sponsored text links that lead to advertisers of ours.)