IDEA #39 – Vyous – Aggregated Event Photos/Videos (everyone’s views)


This was an idea I dived deep down into — and it branched in multiple directions. I’m going to expose all the documentation and mockups I did on this idea.

The part of the idea I like the most is the ‘events’ focus. Whether it’s a sports game, or concert, or happy hour with friends, or private wedding … there should be a central online repository for all the photos, videos, and people’s thoughts on the event — to archive/save that moment of time in history forever.

An example with concerts: I saw the band “Bright Eyes” last week (2/27/07) in Toronto, Ontario at The Opera House (venue). I want to see all the photos, videos and people’s thoughts on that concert. Currently, I must search Flickr (and HOPE I find all the photos) and I must search YouTube (and HOPE I find all the videos) — not to mention people using other services instead like Zooomr, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc., or simply posting audio/video to their own blogs or MySpace profiles. There’s no way I could possibly see all of the photo / video material that exists on the web for that concert I saw — and that’s a damn shame, because I’d love to see it all.

Vyous - 39 - Event EmbedAlso — I’d love to know who went to the show … more importantly, I’d have loved to have known who WAS going to the show prior to the concert taking place, so that maybe I could have made some friends and had some drinks with them beforehand or afterwards. I’d also love to chat about the concert now that it’s over — would love to talk about the new songs he played, see the setlist, and maybe from a list of people that attended, find that guy and girl that drove in from Buffalo as well, so that I could learn more about them and contact them.

The event is then saved forever in history online — people could always go back to the site, “remember that concert we went to…”.

An example with happy hour: Similar to another idea I posted, there should be a place that I can see all photos / videos and comments from people, for a happy hour at a specific restaurant. Or, just for a gathering of my friends — if we’re out all night long, we should all be sending our photos, videos, and text comments to some central repository to view later that night or the next day.

Vyous - 39 - Wedding EmbedAn example of a private event (a wedding): All attendees of a wedding and reception should be sharing their photos, videos, and text remarks (“Joey just said ________”) to an online central repository, that might be private (not public for all to see). People could place their comments after the wedding as well — and then that moment in history is saved forever.

An example of a sports game: Whether it’s a local highschool football game, or a NASCAR race — every sports game should be in this site and everyone should be able to add their photos, videos, and comments about the game. You should be able to say you’ll be attending the event and discuss the game before it even happens — meet others that’ll be attending the event as well. There should be a live chat room where people can discuss the event beforehand or afterwards — as well as message boards.

An example of a live TV event: Whether it’s a specific portion of the Olympics, or a new episode of “American Idol”, this is where people could meet each other, discuss the event in real-time (live chat room), and message boards. You could specify that you are going to watch that show, or did watch that show — and we’d show you your neighbors (people you don’t know, but who your viewing habits overlap with) and friends (what are they watching these days).

FYI – is attempting this idea for music concerts.

Execution: I think you avoid hosting photos and videos — leave that to Flickr, YouTube, and others. But allow users to add the embed codes to those photos and videos, into this archive. There are likely legal issues with either recording photos/video inside of a venue (venue legal issues) or of an actual band/artist (artist issues), etc. So just link to all of that and let Flickr/YouTube worry about that. Plus, you’ll save the bandwidth charges.

Vyous - 39 - ProfileViral: I would have an ’embed’ that people can put on their blogs or MySpace profiles, which says “I have attended 72 events. The next event I’m attending is __________. The last event I attended was __________.” Also allow people to grab an ’embed’ for each specific event, which would say, “I’m attending _________ along with 33 others, are you going?” Those ’embeds’ will really spark a fire under this idea’s ass and get you off to the races.

Where to Begin: I’d start with all the upcoming sporting events you can, as well as concerts (even just the ones via Ticketmaster & eBay-owned StubHub, so you can collect some income from the sale of tickets). Other concert tour data providers include MOJAM (licensing fee of $1,500/mo) and CelebrityAccess (licensing fee of $30,000/yr — BillBoard is their official reseller).

Then I’d get every TV show in the system (providers of TV listings data include: Tribune Media Services, FYI, TV Guide). And then move into allowing private events (happy hours; weddings; etc).

I’ve created 58 mockup HTML pages (to display functionality; ignore the design as it is crap). This would have been given to an information architect, whom would have gone through these processes and truly question what needs to be shown. Then a designer would have created the overall design of the site, and a front-end developer would have mocked-up each of the pages. The mocked-up pages would have then been handed to a programmer (along with docs from the Information Architect regarding error-checking and error messages that would display; and how processes would have worked) to program the entire spec.

Here are some of the more important pages from my mockups (they are linked to an individual blog page, which then has a link to each webpage and also allows you to comment on each individually — so feel free to give your input on any of them. To see the rest of the mockup pages, go to the ‘Sitemap’ and click on any link on left-side — you can’t leave feedback on them, but if you want to say something about one of those specific webpages, do so in the ‘Sitemap’ comments):

  1. Sitemap (lists all of the pages that needed to be mocked up)
  2. Homepage of users that aren’t signed in
  3. Homepage of users that are signed in
  4. An Event webpage
  5. Event Listings webpage
  6. An Interest webpage (an interest is everything – venue, band, band member, vyous member, a video, tv show, etc.)
  7. User Profile webpage
  8. Photo/Video webpage (which are called “vyous” — your views)

These are some further details (once again, they each are on their own blog page so that you can comment individually on each):

Database Schema Sketch:
Vyous - 39 - DB Schema
Sitemap Sketch:
Vyous - 39 - IA
Event Scenarios (by cell) (1 of 2):
Vyous - 39 - Event Scenarios 1
Event Scenarios (by cell) (2 of 2):
Vyous - 39 - Event Scenarios 2
I imagined the event scenarios primarily from a cell phone perspective. View the event scenarios in an Excel doc I created: vyous-cell-communication-schemas.xls
Here is a list of various types of events (I believe this may have come from evite’s website):
  • Baby Shower
  • Birthday
  • Book Club
  • Cards and Games
  • Clubs / Groups
  • College Events
  • Cocktail Party
  • Dinner Party
  • Family Day
  • Girls’ Night
  • Graduation / Reunion
  • The Great Outdoors
    • BBQ
    • Picnic
    • Pool Party
  • Guys’ Night
  • Happy Hour
  • Highschool Events
  • Hostess Party
  • House Party
  • Housewarming
  • Just 4 Kids
  • Movie / TV Night
  • Night On The Town
  • Professional Events
  • Special Occassions
  • Sports / Leagues
  • Staying In
  • Trips / Getaways
  • Watch The Game
  • Wedding
    • Bachelor Party
    • Bachelorette Party
    • Bridal Shower
    • Ceremony
    • Reception
    • Rehearsal Dinner