IDEA #37 – Viral Anonymous Positive Comment Network


Timothy Chen’s idea post No Love No Hate got me thinking. I believe I’m about to say the exact same thing he did, but add to it a bit — I think it’s a great idea, and viral.

The idea is basically that people anonymously write positive comments / stories / etc, which are then sent to others in the system that write a positive comment. Thus, you say something nice and receive something nice back. Or the system could focus on sharing stories — you share a story, send it in, and receive a story back that someone else submitted.

This reminds me of PostSecret — which is a project where people anonymously send in a postcard with a secret of theirs on it. It’s a great project that I think heels a lot of people, gives people an outlet for their secrets, and also empowers readers.

I could see there being an online system of the PostSecret idea (the “web 2.0’ing” of the PostSecret project)– where people anonymously share a secret, which is emailed to others that share an anonymous secret. And/or readers can comment back on the secret and the poster can read those (and possibly reply back). And/or each secret is given its’ own webpage, which readers can comment on to provide some support or guidance (“I don’t know where to turn anymore” and readers could provide support).