IDEA #32 – Online Video Embed Code Piggy-Backing


Quick summary: Tons of online videos exist at YouTube, etc. People grab an ’embed’ code for a video, so that they can post the video on their MySpace page or in a blog post. When you grab the embed code, it simply displays the video player with the video.

I’m proposing a new website that grabs the embed codes from YouTube (etc) and tacks on your own embed code to their embed code — thus piggy-backing off YouTube a bit.

You would have to offer a user value as to why they’d not grab the embed code from YouTube, but rather grab it from you — maybe the add-on to the embed code shows some tracking/popularity metrics of the video. Thus, now the user still grabs one embed code to post to MySpace — but you’ve added to that embed code your own code (which gets links back to your site and grows your business).

Background: There are a few sites living off YouTube — for example, flixya, is a website that allows users to post a video along with their own Google AdSense code, and then the user is partially compensated everytime someone views the video they posted (they post the video with YouTube’s embed code — thus, flixya has minimal bandwidth fees since the videos are hosted by YouTube).

Another site doing something interesting is Vidmeter — they are tracking how popular videos are across the popular video sites (YouTube, Metacafe, etc).

The Idea: My idea could simply be a feature of these sites — or could help someone create a new online video site that uses YouTube, Metacafe, etc. Just like how YouTube offers an ‘HTML embed’ code for people to quickly insert the video into MySpace comments or blog posts — a new service could easily grab those embed codes and add their own link / code under (or above) the YouTube embed code — then offer users this new embed code.

But why would someone want additional information below a video they are embedding on MySpace? Well, in the matter of Vidmeter — they should have the video’s ranking information under the video (either as an image that is auto-updated or as a Flash embed) … thus instead of just seeing the video, now you’d see the video along with a little widget saying, “This video is #338 most popular today and #44 all-time!” (with Vidmeter branding of course, and a text link under this image or Flash widget, to ensure one-click access for viewers of that video to know that they can “View the most popular viewed videos on the web at Vidmeter”).

What other opportunities might exist — for why a user wouldn’t choose to just have the embed code from YouTube, but rather would want the embed code from us that contains the YouTube embed code for a video — but also contains _____________ .

(Poor designed) Proposed Example of what video would look like with additions to top and bottom, rather than just the YouTube clip: