IDEA #30 – People Meter – Who’s Who Of The World 500 Ranking List


When I read Jeremy Kandah’s comment on this last post:

I think the “Jeremy Kandah” brand just went up 500%. Thanks for the post, keep in touch.

It sparked the following idea: You know the Fortune 500 for companies? Or the Fortune Richest Man list? What about a list of who is the most popular? Where’s the Alexa daily/weekly rankings for actual people?

I’m imagining a website that tracks people’s names on the web — how often the name is mentioned on blogs, news (aggregator), myspace, and the web in general. There could be daily or weekly charts, showing names moving up or down.

Could create a ditto idea, but for music artists/bands (Hype Machine kind of does this, but isn’t storing this reporting) — or for just movies — or for just actors/actresses (celebrities) — or for products, or brand names, etc.

1. Britney Spears (+300%)
2. Jennifer Aniston (+550%)
3. Michael Arrington
4. Perez Hilton

There’s Social Meter, which allows you to check how “social” specific domains are. There’s VidMeter, which tracks the top videos across all the user-generated video websites (YouTube, etc).

Jeremy, I think the “Jeremy Kandah” brand name just went up another 500% today 😉