IDEA #28 – Fan-submitted Music Video Ideas


I’m obsessed with music and marketing, so some of my ideas will be around music — plus, deep down, I really want to be a rock star (who doesn’t). I was just watching the video for Dark Blue by Jack’s Mannequin. The video is basically one of those 1950’s dance contests — “dance til you drop”. It got me thinking…

The creation of a website where fans can suggest ideas for the plots of music videos for their favorite songs. Not only could fans suggest ideas, they could implement these ideas — the website would show user-generated music videos that passionate fans created for their favorite songs/artists.

Fans could then rate these video ideas (submitted by other fans), as well as actual videos fans created. There would be forums for the kids to talk all about the artists/bands, songs, and concerts.

Also, fans would rate individual songs and specify which one(s) they feel could/should be singles. A future add-on to this website could be helping to choose the set list that the band would play at the concert in your hometown.

Artists would be able to better know what songs their fans love the most — and what could possibly get radio play. More importantly, if the artists engaged with this concept, they could offer merchandise, concert tickets, backstage passes, etc, to winners / participants.

You’ll want plenty of widgets that the kids can embed into their MySpace pages — such as a chart of the top-rated ideas / videos, ideas that user has submitted (and their ratings), and videos that fan has submitted. To avoid bandwidth and legal issues, you could have them hosted via Revver or YouTube.

The website could also play music videos — allowing users to grab ’embed’ codes for their MySpace pages. You could strike a video content deal with say or Blastro to have this inventory of music videos — or, if you have more time than money on your hands, you could simply start indexing music videos from YouTube (somehow saving their URLs to a database — with maybe a screenshot from within the video). Or even sneakier might be using AdBrite’s new video advertising platform, which I believe could then grab access to the FLV file on YouTube and allow you to monetize the video itself.