IDEA #26B – Auto Details and Photos to your Cell


This relates to IDEA #26A. Same kind of premise — you’re either looking at the newspaper classifieds, or you’re at a dealership when they’re closed and looking at a car. You can simply text a code from your cell phone and a reply message comes back to your phone with photos, videos, and/or further details about the vehicle (“cost is… we can get you a lease on it for… auto has X miles…”, etc).

You could even incorporate VXML technology, so that an automated call goes back to the user’s phone with an automated voice message from the salesman at the dealership, providing details about the vehicle — and allowing the user to schedule an appointment to come in and see it, or schedule a time when the dealership should try giving the person a call.

This could also simply be a way to save the auto to your online account, so that next time you’re on your computer, you’d have a reminder with links to photos and videos of the automobile.