IDEA #25 – Blogroll Advertising Network


Is there an AdSense network for the blog post world? Meaning, I imagine a network that I add my RSS feed to — and in return, download a widget, which I put on my blog that displays random (?) blog post headlines (and 100 characters of the post). So instead of advertising companies — I’m advertising other blog posts to read across the web.

As the network expands — these wouldn’t be random any longer, they’d be much more focused. The widget would be able to tell what other blogs my readers visit (and I link out to) and start displaying links to blog posts that would be of relevance to my readers. The more clicks to other blogs, the more clicks I would expect to receive from other blogs. Thus, if I send out 500 clicks to other blogs — I would expect 500 incoming clicks from various blogs in the network.

This might all be free — maybe though there are ways to pay money to have a blog post featured on the network.

MyBlogLog could likely put something together like this kind of easily — since they already have the blogs with their widget installed (and thus aggregate data of the MyBlogLog readers that are surfing amongst the different MyBlogLog widget-ized websites).

To me — the web is huge, and there’s room for every one of us blogs. Someone is going to keep coming back to your blog if you offer interesting content — otherwise they won’t. If someone adds 5 more blogs to their daily reads — they’ll likely continue going to all of them, or it’ll be a battle of the best, for which is going to continue that readers’ interest.

Does this make sense? If my blog only gets 5 readers per day, but another gets 500 — will the 5 readers per day blog ever get proper publicity? How does this get monetized?

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