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IDEA #24 – Our Overlapping Website Viewing Habits

Recalling Attention Trust, which Fred Wilson blogged about previously — it tracks where his time is spent online; it keeps track of your clickstream — what websites you’re visiting.

If a bunch of users had this installed and then it was aggregated into a database, you could find users with similar browsing habits / interests — if 75% of my time online is spent on overlapping sites that another user is on, I’d love to know what else that person is surfing. I’d possibly like to meet that person.

OthersOnline is trying something similar — and Slifeshare is tracking your “digital life activities.” MyBlogLog overlaps a bit — but they haven’t executed on all the aggregated data they have (seriously, they know so much on their users it’s sick — Yahoo did well; someone would do equally as good with a purchase of TiVo or — the value of their aggregated data is priceless).

What ideas did this post just give you?

  • Mitch

    mh, i’d feel chased by stalkers. It’s not that i have to hide something, but i wouldn’t like if some service could see my whole chronik…

  • GarbageMan

    Isn’t something close to what you are mentioning here?

  • The Man

    Imagine if Amazon used what they already know of their customers habits and already tenically know how to do (in the form of “Customers who bought this item also bought…..”. Similar tech, different playing field.

    That is why ‘tag clouds’ are useful because the size of the tags will show what’s popular.

  • Steve Poland

    I think tag clouds are the worst web “feature” ever to be created. Who developed the ‘tag cloud’ anyhow? Ridiculous in my opinion.

  • James D Kirk

    Ha, just noticed you don’t have any clouds on your site. How do you really feel, Steve 😉 ? Since you started, the off topic, I’ll jump the band wagon. What’s wrong with clouds? I am “learning to like them” if you will. I think they’d be about a gazillion times better if someone would add the (simple?) functionality of allowing the cloud to display not only in my choice of alphabetical with font size and color changes for number of tags, or in numerical order most to least, but how about this? How cool would it be if you could display the most recent tag at the beginning of the cloud, regardless of how many times that term had been tagged? This would make for some very interesting viewing in the form of the cloud in that you could have a lowly tag with 5 hits followed by your most popular of 42,gazillion next and then something with 23, etc. I just think from a visual/display perspective, this would be sort of neato. You’d put that cloud up? Wouldn’t you Steve ?

    Oh, back to topic, can we just make sure that there are mechanisms to shut down this LifeLogging stuff. Not going to intimate for what reasons, but let’s just say that I can see a new metric already, “DarkTime: 3.5 hours (today! “What are you doing when you’re away?”–H.A.L.)

    It’s all smiles on a cloudy day!