IDEA #24 – Our Overlapping Website Viewing Habits


Recalling Attention Trust, which Fred Wilson blogged about previously — it tracks where his time is spent online; it keeps track of your clickstream — what websites you’re visiting.

If a bunch of users had this installed and then it was aggregated into a database, you could find users with similar browsing habits / interests — if 75% of my time online is spent on overlapping sites that another user is on, I’d love to know what else that person is surfing. I’d possibly like to meet that person.

OthersOnline is trying something similar — and Slifeshare is tracking your “digital life activities.” MyBlogLog overlaps a bit — but they haven’t executed on all the aggregated data they have (seriously, they know so much on their users it’s sick — Yahoo did well; someone would do equally as good with a purchase of TiVo or — the value of their aggregated data is priceless).

What ideas did this post just give you?