IDEA #20 – Finding the Employee Leak


I guess it is just assumed by Yahoo that a staff-wide email would get leaked, so they’re not going to put any juicy strategy into those types of emails — but it got me thinking, wouldn’t they love to know who did in fact leak this? It’d be simple, really — well, until employees learned the secret.

I’d take the email and send it through a bulk email program that alters some of the words / characters in the email. Correspond each version to each employee and then if you ever see a leaked version, you would be able to match it. Especially an email of that size — although, maybe there couldn’t possibly be 9,800+ grammatical changes 🙂

Although what about all types of emails you send (to more than 1 person). Wouldn’t it be great if they were passed through a filter — just in case they were confidential and were leaked?