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IDEA #19 – Bookmarks as Image Screenshots

Ever run into that problem of trying to recall a website — and remembering what it looked like, but having no clue the name of it? Maybe you were lucky enough to bookmark it, but even then, that may not help you.

There should be a web app that pulls in your (RSS feed of) bookmarks and displays them as thumbnail screenshots. Something like this exists, but it’s limited — it’s called, but it uses the limited thumbnail inventory of

Snap seems to have quite an inventory of thumbnails — maybe they could make a plugin or web app. Or maybe they have an API that I can’t find on their website. Or maybe you could build something that starts amassing tons of thumbnails yourself.

Not sure how you’d monetize this — I presume advertising; particularly if someone’s bookmarks contain certain websites, competitors could display their offerings right next to them.

  • Sol

    I think Snap should build that. It would be easy for them and, I agree, it would be cool. Snap has a great product, for sure.

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  • Steve Poland
  • Tom

    Although you could show the full blown thumbnails, it would probably reduce skimmabiliy. I was thinking of something smaller, perhaps a version of Identicon the image would be shown on the page where you add tags on delicious so it would give you brain a chance to remember the image.

    Then when your searching your bookmarks the image would show up just before each link. Of course the images would have inbuilt tags, so if you could remember the Identicon was purple, searching though your bookmarks would return all the purple icons.

  • Thomas

    Check out not exactly what you are looking for but along the same lines. That is my daily image repository of websites. I can also post those images to as bookmarks. It is quite handy.