IDEA #18 – Custom Music/Sports T-Shirts


If you’re into music or concerts (particularly hard rock), you’ve been to Hot Topic. They sell tons of band “swag” (fancy term for shirts, etc). But how many of those shirts do I want? None this past weekend — but I’m sure kids are buying them, because they have no other choice if they want to show their love (by way of a t-shirt) for a band. But the massive explosion of MySpace shows us that individuality is key — kids want to personalize their web space (and themselves). They want unique — and that’s what the bands and sports teams should provide them.

Bands/Artists/Sports Teams would provide an inventory of logos, artwork, photos, fonts, and a web-based tool that users could use to then create custom t-shirts. The printer, band, and user would all receive revenues from the sales — or maybe the user doesn’t get money, but rather they receive perks from the band (free concert tickets, their designed shirt, etc., based on sales goals). Heck, prior to an artist’s tour — do this, have kids create shirts, find the best ones, and then have THOSE printed and sold at your concerts (or sports events).

Provide the kiddies with widget embeds that they can post in their MySpace pages and let them promote the heck out of their creation — give a grand prize to the fan that sells the most. Maybe this embed also promotes the artist’s latest CD and latest concert tour dates.