IDEA #17 – Audio Chatting by Phone


Everyone has a cell phone these days — and haven’t you found yourself with some time on your hands, yet don’t know what to do? I know phone dating chat has existed for years — but couldn’t there be something similar (and free? or smaller fee?) for just normal chats? You could randomly chat with someone by phone — or get in on a conference call where people are discussing a particular subject? Users might be using a phone or using a microphone from their computer.

Maybe there’d be sponsored chats — where a topic is given (“Low-fat food at Fast Food restaurants”) and people discuss it. [That topic might be sponsored by McDonalds with/without knowledge of the people discussing — kind of like a focus group where McDonalds can get some data.]
Particularly during or after a live event — such as a broadcast of a TV show, or live broadcasts of sports games, American Idol, etc.

Once again — social networking, profiles, etc, would be great.

Since it is Valentine’s Day… what about dating lines by phone? Don’t anyone take this personally, but I guess I find it a bit creepy. But I’d likely be game to do some sort of 3-minute per person speed dating by phone — where I can view the person’s profile online and chat with them for a few minutes by phone? I think if more singles were doing this — they’d be finding dates. It’s like sales — it’s a numbers game; you might need to chat with 30 people before you find one you’d like to go on a date with. Monetization could be various packages for sale — dinner at Applebee’s, movie at Regal Cinemas, etc. Maybe you charge the people up-front like $20 each and they end up selecting something to-do.