IDEA #16 – What’s Going On Tonight


If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m quite obsessed with the convergence of online and offline, social networking, events, and my love for music.

Have you ever wondered what’s going on tonight? It’s such a mess online — there’s no single source that will show you all the things going on tonight. I have to frequent many websites, as well as my local newspaper and weekly newspaper — to find out about things going on.

I’d love the ability to call up a phone number and be told about various things going on — it’d all be automated (using VXML technology). It would tell me about some concerts going on, tell me where they are, and let me listen to 30-second clips of the artists’ songs. It would tell me about some of the exciting new / hot movies that are playing at theaters. It would tell me about some local theater productions going on. It would tell me about some sporting events going on locally — or big national ones that people will be watching at sports bars (and it’ll suggest a particular sports bar to go see it at). It would tell me about trivia night at a local bar, or a happy hour special somewhere, or a singles mingle at a bowling center.

Much like how the search engines work (do a search that gives results with sponsored and non-sponsored listings), this service would operate the same way. Various events going on would be sponsored and told to you — thus, if a big football game was going on tonight, Buffalo Wild Wings could pay to suggest to you to watch the game at Buffalo Wild Wings and receive “$2 well drinks all night!”.

Users of the service would recommend different events going on — there’d be a social networking aspect to it online where you’d eventually have friends and neighbors (people that you don’t know, but whom have similar tastes as you) … and you could learn what they’ve recommended in the past.

Of course there’d be a website as well that would have all this information available to you — but there’d be the phone call capability too.

Your thoughts?