IDEA #15 – Ads on Websites Replaced


This idea would really shake a few things up. Users would install a plugin to their web browser (which can be a tricky proposition — needs to be real value to user in order to do that). The plugin would spot any advertising on a webpage and cover it up with new ads from a different ad network.

Example Scenario:

Webpage typically seen by readers.
-> idea15b.gif
Users with our plugin won’t see that ad. That ad is covered up…
-> idea15c.gif
And replaced by an ad from our own network. So the user with our plugin installed, sees this ad instead of the ad seen by non-plugin users

Thus, I am imagining that Google AdSense text ads or graphical banner ads would be covered up — and replaced with ads from a network that the user may find more beneficial to them somehow.

I think the best idea is that we pay the user $5 per month to utilize our plugin and view our advertising — or the price we pay them depends on how much web browsing they do. Imagine the possibilities for advertisers — you could pay this ad network I’m proposing here, to have your advertisement appear on or (to our plugin users). The user would still be seeing advertising and still would be clicking, but just wouldn’t be seeing the same ads as non-plugin users.

Or maybe… the different ads are personalized and/or recommended by peers, such as I have suggested in my previous idea. Maybe it’s a completely free (or barter, or paid) ad network in which you post ads that run and the more you click on other ads, the more your ads will appear in the network. Maybe it’s an ad network that gives you a kick-back for ads you click (doesn’t seem practical from an advertiser position).

The websites that are being viewed and whose ads are being covered up — wouldn’t have any say in what’s going on, since the browser itself would be covering the ads up (and/or manipulating the code that loads in the webpage, so that the ads are definitely covered up; the exception being all-Flash websites such as that have advertising integrated within).

What do you think these ads could be that would make a user interested in using this plugin / new ad network? Or what other method could we get users to download this plugin? Is there something else that could display over the advertisements on websites?