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IDEA #13 – I Got Drunk Last Night

This proposed website might be called like ‘’. People would expose what they did the night before and friends could add to the stories. You/they could also submit photos, videos, and voicemails from the night.

There’d be a social networking aspect to it — you’d have a profile, friends, various products that could be your friends (Jack Daniels, Coors, etc), and various bars that could be your friends (think what MySpace has done to the music scene — artists publish their tour dates to their MySpace page; well, this proposed idea of mine could mean a profile for every bar that gets updated with what’s going on that week at each bar, drink/food specials, etc). Eventually this website would have evites (so you could plan happy hours with friends/co-workers) — and people could specify that they’ll be at “bar A, restaurant B, and bar C, tonight”.

Essentially, it’s the website where people keep track of (and plan) their fun times out with friends — in a central online repository/archive. Your night would be tied to various bars — and then you could even see who else was at the bar that night.

It’s a very focused idea on a multi-billion dollar industry — booze connect people.

  • Jeff

    A good idea? In my opionon, very morally wrong. Promoting drunkeness and then making money from it?

    That said, I’m sure it will happen. There is already a magazine that can be purchased from the local B&N called “Modern Drunkard”, which I believe is the same concept.

    I guarantee the liquor sellers (JD, Coors, etc.) won’t jump on board, though. They stay far away from the obvious promotion of drunkeness. Call it and you might have something 😉

  • Freshie

    I can just see Jay Leno or Dave Letterman having plenty of fresh ‘public’ fodder for their intros.

  • soups

    This is a fabulous idea! Every single person on myspace lists alcohol in their “things I enjoy” box, and they’re dying to talk about it more. Pretty bottom barrel, but certainly a money maker.

  • rulepark

    Can sell cheap beer online, can use to start a party , can even advice what to do when u r drunk. But I doubt it when u say the drunk will share the stories with others. How can a drunk knew what he was doing the night he got drunk???

  • Leddo

    Then you can add a “Once Night Stand” feature where you can upload photos taken on your camera phone of the person you slept with while in the drunken state…

    I guess a ratings system would follow as well.

  • PvB

    I love this idea. It could be also called “Verify Your Last Night” because of the fact that each person has normally a different view of the situation (did he or did he not do THIS? It was 1m or 3 m? I drank 5 drinks or 10 drinks?). In this way the people would have a lot of “space” to present their stories and have fun with it.

  • dangerous

    Not to mention the whole, i was blackouted last night. Can someone help me figure why my right arm hurts? Or something to that effect.

  • alex

    I like this as much as it ties into the idea of integrating social networking and local, physical interaction, but I think putting the focus on debauchery detracts a bit. That’s just for my taste, though, I know plenty who would love it. I remember a friend of mine raving about his idea to create “DrunkSpace” a year or so ago, but I don’t think that panned out.

    Also, I would want a widget for viewing a bar’s jukebox. Jukebox is key.

    (I just remembered, met this guy at the last FOWA and he mentioned that he had plans on expanding it to other cities.)

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  • Jim Rudnick

    Yup, did that! go to for a look/see…cool too!

  • duude

    exists on or smthing like this

  • Scott

    You should check out It is in its BETA but basically describes what you were trying/tried to do. You can post & view drunk stories, pictures, and videos. Just to tell how drunk last night you were!

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  • kyle

    Sounds like a similar concept to There are a few sites like these and they all are pretty funny.

  • Shirish

    Assuming I am around drunk ones the odds against that I wont drink too are very slim. So if i get drunk I would vaguely remember the stories others narrate. The idea in itself is outstanding but am a bit skeptical about its use cases :)

  • Abe Fehr

    Wonderful idea, and i was even going to try making it a reality, but beat me to it

  • Ivan

    I am the co-founder of a startup called which is a an Event based social network and I believe it has a lot of similarities to this idea!

    So please try it out and let us know what you think as we just launched the private beta.