IDEA #13 – I Got Drunk Last Night


This proposed website might be called like ‘’. People would expose what they did the night before and friends could add to the stories. You/they could also submit photos, videos, and voicemails from the night.

There’d be a social networking aspect to it — you’d have a profile, friends, various products that could be your friends (Jack Daniels, Coors, etc), and various bars that could be your friends (think what MySpace has done to the music scene — artists publish their tour dates to their MySpace page; well, this proposed idea of mine could mean a profile for every bar that gets updated with what’s going on that week at each bar, drink/food specials, etc). Eventually this website would have evites (so you could plan happy hours with friends/co-workers) — and people could specify that they’ll be at “bar A, restaurant B, and bar C, tonight”.

Essentially, it’s the website where people keep track of (and plan) their fun times out with friends — in a central online repository/archive. Your night would be tied to various bars — and then you could even see who else was at the bar that night.

It’s a very focused idea on a multi-billion dollar industry — booze connect people.