IDEA #126: Marketplace for Doing Good


Congrats to Matt Galligan (@mg) and Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) on their launch of 1% Of Nothing (@1percentof) , an initiative for startups to allocate 1% of equity to a non-profit of their choice, which isn’t used unless an acquisition occurs. Thus the non-profit is also pulling for your startup to be a success!

Part of this initiative is the ability for companies to donate 1% of labor as well if they want (or more).

That got me thinking- it is really difficult to know where you could donate your time to help someone or a non-profit out. I am sure there are elders, single moms, and more that could use a paint job on their house, or a door fixed, or other help around the house, or building, or volunteer help, or pets taken care of while someone is in a hospital, etc.

It would be great if there was a marketplace of needs (aka haha), but specific to causes and doing good.

In my city of Buffalo NY a few years ago, our quarterback at the time JP Losman led a local initiative to clean-up Buffalo. On a Saturday, the turn-out was unbelievable. I would say 1000 people turned out, buses were ready to drop people off at various areas of the city. Gloves, rakes and garbage bags were available for free. Everyone got a shirt and a couple Bills players participated and kids could get pictures and autographs.

It was an amazing initiative that brought our city together to do good. I was later reminded of it when that Home Makeover show came to buffalo an 50-100 people helped not only the one house, but homes on the entire block of that home!

It would be great to know where I could help. It would be a way to meet people and do good around my city.

I think every city should have a marketplace of help needs.