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IDEA #119: Crowd-sourced Room/Landscape/House Designs

I just bought a house recently and I’m wondering what to do with my landscape at the moment — the backyard, front yard, side yard. I have ideas, but I know others would have even better ideas. I’d love to upload or add a blueprint, or dimensions, along with some photos, and let a community of creative people “have at it” and come up with some neat ideas.

Ditto for my kitchen/dining room, and bathroom (which I’d love to maybe extend).

What’s the user incentive to help plan someone’s house? Satisfaction. Getting to use creativity and impact someone’s house. Maybe a financial reward based on how much of their ideas/design were then used by the asker. Maybe if the materials the user suggests can be purchased online and an affiliate program exists for the retailer they use, then the user might be able to earn a percentage of the sale since they recommended the materials (and thus made the sale).

I’m going through the past few years of ideas that are in my moleskine notebooks. Some of the ideas are really lacking, but might give you an idea? All of these ideas are yours for the taking. Don’t forget my archive of 100+ web startup ideas.

  • Stephen Albright

    When I arrived at college, I initially wanted to be a landscape architect. I wasn’t confident in my small portfolio, so I ended up studying finance (then economics) instead. I’d love to contribute to a project like this!

  • P. D. Byrd

    Yes, a wonderful idea! There are so many young designers (myself being one) out there being trained in how to think differently about the spaces we live in — and how to go about solving many anxieties of modernity and rampant dis-connection to place by better designing our houses and landscapes, starting with your back (or front) yard! I’ll pass this blog post on to some channels to see what they think. Cheers.

  • Steve Poland

    Neat site that doesn’t do what I want, but gives good ideas