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IDEA #118: Cars should aggregate reported problems

Maybe this is already occurring and I just don’t have a new enough car yet, but just like how software on your computer will report back crashes/bugs, so that the programmers can fix their software….. Cars should do the same. They should have an ability to connect to a Verizon network or other, and upload bugs/reports/etc, so that the engineers at Nissan can make a more superior vehicle the following year. Or to fix/upgrade that car in the future — maybe they realize the brakes are real bad for that model, they’ll realize that faster if all the cars are reporting that back to them.

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  • Andrei I

    Remote read only access is something I would also want.
    Remote fixing (w/x access) has the potential of becoming a target for attacks.

  • mason

    a guy at BYU made something like this. i think it was called gearhead but thats probably way off.