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IDEA #116: Short (135 character) Answers/Facts that display in Google Results (no click-thru needed by user!)

There are many questions that I ask Google that should just show an answer in the results, rather than requiring me to click-thru. A website should be built that addresses this problem. Google’s results show up to 135 characters it appears, so if you can summarize the answer into that, great. You could add a “more…” at the end so the user knows they could click through to get more details on the answer.

Ask users to +1 the answer if quick and helpful to them.

Yes, you won’t get as many page views as other q/a sites, but imagine the time you’ll save people. And I don’t see why Google wouldn’t gobble you up if you did this properly.

I’m going through the past few years of ideas that are in my moleskine notebooks. Some of the ideas are really lacking, but might give you an idea? All of these ideas are yours for the taking. Don’t forget my archive of 100+ web startup ideas.

  • Harmony Infotech

    Just wondering what kind of questions will be better suited for such a model.

  • Steve Poland

    How many homeruns does Barry Bonds have?
    How many calories in a banana?

  • Tarek Saber Khalil

    Wolfram Alpha does part of that. In a way, it answers most of the questions especially the scientific technical ones.

  • Harmony Infotech

    Seems interesting. But doesn’t look like very much a techy business unless someone writes a program which can scrape/forms such questions and find answers by scouring the web. But how possibly can it be monetised ? One way I can think of is answering the question in first line and then have some kind of offers(cpa/cps) related to the question in 2nd line like “Get answers to more such questions and win a free ipad/10% Discount on Groceries/ etc” . Or maybe have companies sponsor the question/answer for like 6 months “This answer is brought to you by Somecompany – Company Slogan”. On 2nd thought I think I should give it a try. Maybe have a self-serve platform where people can select the questions they want to sponsor and then allow them to display any message of their liking on 2nd line and if the user visits the url , give them an option to goto the link specified by the sponsor.

  • webaficionado

    This Idea sounds very nice, One can easy scrape most rated Yahoo answers and create a link with suitable meta tags. !?
    But what about revenue model Steve ? Can you help us with that..