IDEA #114: Museum Crowd-Sourced-Curation App


I’m going through the past few years of ideas that are in my moleskine notebooks. Some of the ideas are really lacking, but might give you an idea? All of these ideas are yours for the taking. Don’t forget my archive of 100+ web startup ideas.

From 6/17/11 when I was at the Louvre in Paris, France. I paid ~$10 to get the audio device (“multimedia guide”) to “hear/learn more” about various paintings/sculptures throughout the museum. My thought is that there shouldn’t be a device, you should be using your iphone/android with your own headphones. And also, you shouldn’t only have one point-of-view audio commentary — the world should be adding their commentary/views/facts — this should be crowd-sourced. I am sure there are more facts and analysis of the Mona Lisa that are great, rather than just the one that is shared by the museum itself on their audio “learn more” program. Thus, why isn’t everyone in the world contributing audio commentary that you could listen to about a painting when you are standing in front of it at the museum?

This could happen for every museum that exists out there. Instead of using those headsets they give you with the single point-of-view audio, you could simply plug headphones into your iphone/android and listen to anyone’s shared thoughts about an artwork in the museum. You too should also be able to add your audio comments — and thus when your friends are there in the future, they would be able to listen to those — you’d be sharing an experience with them (much like when you leave a tip in Foursquare at a restaurant that they are visiting in the future, you are apart of their world then).

People can vote up the curators, or curators could sell their audio as a pack and curate the museum for you (imagine Morgan Freeman curating the museum for you with facts from some known expert/publication that sponsors getting him to do that).

Ability to “check in” and tag a piece of art with your comments (text or audio) and photos.

You could maybe charge $0.99 or $2.99 for the app initially, which is cheap compared to those headset fees.