IDEA #113: Fake Interview Videos (Funny Site)


I’m going through the past few years of ideas that are in my moleskine notebooks. Some of the ideas are really lacking, but might give you an idea? All of these ideas are yours for the taking. Don’t forget my archive of 100+ web startup ideas.

Do you remember those Coors Light commercials back in 2007 with the NFL coaches? The commercial mashed together some stupid questions and then used real footage of NFL coaches answering other questions, but it looked like the coach was answering whatever question was being asked in the mashup.

Why a website doesn’t exist with an archive of these video clips — not only NFL coaches, but clips from earnings calls, clips from presidential speeches, campaign speeches, any question/interview scenarios on the field with coaches/players of any sport, any interview situations with actors, etc.

Users could then upload their own video questions and mash them up with these video clips to create their own mock interviews.

Here are some examples of those Coors commercials: