IDEA #110: Technology Museum


I’m going through the past few years of ideas that are in my moleskine notebooks. Some of the ideas are really lacking, but might give you an idea? All of these ideas are yours for the taking. Don’t forget my archive of 100+ web startup ideas.

Wouldn’t it be cool to walk through a museum of geek/tech stuff from startups? Like the original signed contracts for financings, mergers, hirings, etc? A copy of the check that Peter Thiel wrote to Facebook? Copies of emails that were passed between Zuck and Sean Parker? memorabilia, original Twitter sketches, etc.

A museum like this would likely be in the Valley, but would surely attract geeks/tourists. Or maybe someone could start a restaurant with all this memorabilia hanging up and on display — like a Hard Rock Cafe.

It’d also be neat to simply have an online museum that aggregates all of this neat historic stuff.