IDEA #105: Fakebook – Fake fun of your friends!


IDEA #105: Fakebook 2013 Fake fun of your friends! «
This idea I really wanted to pursue. I had it back on October 9, 2007 (that’s when I wrapped up a spec document on it). Below is info on it.. you can see it’s a bit dated, but still a good idea. Someone is pursuing something similar to this that I know of, so if you have any interest in this idea, or have better ideas for pieces of it, comment on this post!

It is a facebook app initially, but the future would definitely hold this as becoming a stand-alone website.

The startup is called ‘Fakebook’ and essentially is an app that allows people to have their own ‘fake’ profile, which friends can impersonate. So I could be the ‘fake dave g.’ and post something on a mutual friends’ wall by your fake profile — or on your own wall. There are also ‘super fake’ profiles, which are typically going to be celebrities – so I could act as fake britney spears and post something to your fake profile. The point is for everyone to be funny. Additionally, there’s a game to this whole thing — people get awarded ‘LOL’ points on their comments/photos and see where they rank on the leaderboard amongst their friends (and the entire Fakebookpopulation). People also earn ‘fakebook bucks’ (virtual currency) everytime someone LOL’s a comment of theirs, which they then turn in to post as the celebrity (super fake) profiles — it might cost 2 fakebook bucks to impersonate Paris Hilton and post to your own fake profile, or your friends’ fake profile — or to the super fake paris hilton’s profile which would get your comment huge exposure and possibly a huge ROI of fakebook bucks.

I got the idea from

That’s a twitter account that some friends of Andrew Hyde ( setup, to kind of impersonate and make fun of him .. in a fun way.

Also, my friends and I always joke around — and throw each other’s funny subtleties back at each other. I’m a huge music buff, and have a tendancy of sending out emails to my friends that read, “OMFG! YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG… NOW!”

So they joke that I’m always saying OMFG.  I could see one of them logging into this system, pretending to be me, and making a statement as me regarding something stupid, like, “OMFG! YOU HAVE TO TRY THE APPLE PIE AT MCDONALDS!”

RE: Super fake friends — only the admin creates these [for now].  Fake friends – only users/friends can create these of friends. So I’m a friend of Mike Arrington, if he doesnt’ have a fake friend profile setup yet, then I can create one for him by simply uploading a photo of him; and then he’s setup. But if you aren’t a real friend of him, then you can’t setup a profile for him.

I have uploaded the spec doc and embed’d below:


Here’s the spreadsheet for estimating the work, which I gave to some programmers:


Fakebook Dev Estimates