I Found Lucky: Kanye West telling his journey to catching a break


A great entrepreneurial story is that of rapper/producer Kanye West. This is a must listen by every entrepreneur. In the last track off his first album he tells his story — it starts off as a song (about his start, being overlooked) and then eventually (about 3min 45sec) turns into him talking over the beat with his entire story of how he caught his first break, how we was doing beats for local acts in Chicago to keep the lights on, then caught his next break to do a track for Jay-Z, then was getting evicted, yadda yadda…, then how no one thought he was a rapper — that he was just a producer. He proved them all wrong. Awesome story.

It’s never as easy as it seems — everyone has an ‘I found lucky’ backstory like this. (Someday I may start a series of ‘I found lucky’ talks/posts where a successful person divulges their backstory of hustling and finding lucky.)

Listen here, the song is called ‘Last Call’.