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  • Marc

    Interesting slideshow.

    Where did you come across a programmer – did you submit an RFP at a site like elance or rentacoder?

    What are your thoughts on Venture Technology such as Remarkable Wit?

    I find myself in a similar situation which is no programming skills and what I think is a great idea. Though my idea requires the development of a website and mobile apps which coincide together to deliver a real time service. I\’m self teaching myself Web Development but I figure an experienced developer would create a much more dynamic and efficient site then I can.

    I would appreciate any thoughts and comments.

  • Tom

    Did you try a company named They sometimes work with early/later stage startups and help them build innovative products (web, enterprise and mobile). The good thing about them is that they have both Product Development and User Experience teams, so you really don’t have to run outside for UI help. They already made bunch of startups successful.

  • Marc

    Thanks Tom! Have you used Zigron’s services before? I constantly here how cheap it is to have a coder in a foreign country (India, China) develop the app I have in mind but I would like long term product support as well. This might be the right fit. Hopefully I can afford their cost…

    Sorry for the delay – I just received a notice of your reply today.

  • Giacomo Balli

    Hi Steve,
    great post! I’m sure during the seminar many more good points came up.
    I’m a self made developer and always love to hear new ideas.
    You really hit the spot when you say it’s important to be able to objectively assess an idea (and not get carried away), perhaps another post(?).
    Anyways, since you say that from your experience it’s hard to find a developer (I do iPhone Apps but started from websites) I would love to challenge the industry with new startups.

    talk soon,

  • Tony

    Hi Steve,
    It’s a great presentation. Short and sweet and of course to the point. What is the possibility to share a copy of RFP spreadsheet?

  • plasa busana

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