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Google Image Search – Sponsored Link spotted in the wild!

I was just doing an image search using Google Images and saw a sponsored image result. I don’t even think the everyday person has access to doing this kind of advertisement with Google AdWords:

  • Peter

    Image recognition would make this so much better…

  • Mayan Predictions

    WOW, this will be a good opportunity for us to have more clicks in adwords! A++

  • cpapimp

    As a marketer I doubt this will convert. It may be good for branding, But ad needs to stand out and distinguish it self apart from regular search results.

    Otherwise you will only get ton of clicks from misguided customers.

  • Warren

    Are we sure they are sponsored images? How so?

  • Warren

    Whoops….image didn’t display properlly for me first time. Please ignore my ramblings……!

  • Isha

    Using adwords there is chance to get more clicks..

  • Mike – AdWords Consultant

    I also doubt this will convert. But it’s worth testing.

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