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Gmail Spam Out of Control – 1kb zip attachments escape Spam filters

I think those spammers have found a bug to get spam through Gmail’s filters — attach a 1kb zip file and boom, they get through. And I can’t stand it. I think I might have to go back to SpamArrest soon.

The reason I think it’s pointless to start a new email address is that I think people’s email accounts get hacked into, then spammers scrape the emails to find out who those people sent to, then rebuild their lists continuously. It’s a losing battle.

  • matt

    I remember when yahoo introduced the bulk mail folder to help us deal with sometimes 15 to 20 spam emails a day…. whoooo… those were the days.

  • Eric Nagel

    I can’t believe you get spam in gmail. Last night, I had 1 piece of spam to mark as such in gmail, and 7 wordpress spam comments, after the user actually filled in the captcha. Maybe I’m just lucky w/ gmail.

  • Webmogul

    I went a little over two years without any spam in gmail, now I get at least a half dozen a day. It all started about two months ago, although I have yet to be hit with the zip file attachment yet.