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Facebook Image Uploader – Java Applet – Replica Script?

Update: Found it! This thing is slick — it’s by Aurigma.

The java applet image uploader used on Facebook is slick — you select your pics from a file-tree and then it shrinks the files on your own computer before uploading to Facebook (which is nice when a dummy user is trying to upload 10 files that are 4mb each, and is wondering why it’s taking forever).

Anyone ever found a similar script? Either java or flash based.

Please post in the comments any great batch image upload scripts you’ve found (free or pay for) that accomplish this task.

  • Matt

    I don’t have a script for you but I can tell you this: Flash is not up to the task. You will not find any .swf that can actually manipulate a file locally before uploading.

    Please note, I did not say that Flash cannot upload files… only that flash is restricted from being able to invade your local file system and manipulate a file of any kind in any way. (This does not include Adobe AIR, that might be able to, I don’t know.. but IF it were able to it would still require a download of both the AIR runtime and the AIR App… not likely to be a power player in this space.)

    Java applets like the one mention are dangerous as hell in the wrong hands and the technology really shouldn’t be praised or encouraged. Java applets in general are a messy business and something that I wish more browser vendors would protect “everyday users” from. Sorry, Steve.. that’s just my opinion.

    Good luck in the search!! :)

  • Steve Poland

    Update: Found it! This thing is slick — it’s by Aurigma.

  • Michael

    Utilize this:

  • Max

    hey aurigma uploader rocks! used it in a few of my web projects. the learning curve might seem a bit steep in the beginning but it pays off. plenty of options, customization etc.

  • Morten

    Have anyoneone found a similar java applet / ActiveX freeware? I haven’t been able to… :-(

  • Joris

    Yeah i’m looking also for freeware stuff… aka open source?

  • sevynos

    Found this one:

    Looks very good but I didn’t manage to make it work yet!

  • Nemoniko

    Thanks, sevynos

  • Carl Bengtsson

    Anyone managed to get to work? If so an explanation would be very appriciated. I can’t even get the java app to start.

  • sevynos

    For Carl (and other interested!),

    First time I tested it, there was an error in the demo embedding code. And the applet need to be signed to work. I had a lot of troubles to make it work but finally got it. (At least to show in browser and browse files. Didn’t tried a file transfer yet!)

    You can go to the following link, it was my “discussions” with other people to make it work:

    (Note: Maybe you will have to open an account to see the answers!)

    Good luck!

  • George Turczynski

    After being frustrated by trying to get the to work I decided to develop and market my own solution:

    Comments welcome…

  • Morten

    //sevynos on January 25th, 2009 3:40 pm (perm link) Found this one:
    //Looks very good but I didn’t manage to make it work yet!

    I agree – it seems like a really nice program and it should be able to do just what I am looking for (browse and select multiple images from different folders, view selected image files, resize images and upload!).

    Unfortunately I had troubles installing it (since I don’t know java very well). The only thing that is not strait forward in installing it is signing the .jar files.

    Every img for upload needs to be packed into a .jar file and is asigned a public and a private key for authentication – that’s all I have figured out so far, but I how to do it is still a mystery.

    Any help/ideas?

  • George

    I’ve just released UploadEase 1.1, now featuring drap & drop from the native environment (desktop, explorer, etc) for the ultimate in convenience and simplicity in uploading files and images to your website!

  • George

    Version 1.2 of UploadEase has just been released and is available for download from our website.

    It now supports dynamic text or image watermarking, UI customisation of colors, text and logos for matching website themes and internationalisation, enhanced one-off and per file form variable upload controls, and the ability to abort/cancel an upload in progress.

    It doesn’t get much better than this!

  • Wichit

    Code –>
    It is shareware, so it expire in 6 months

  • Beau Brewer

    Flashplayer 10 made this possible from flash. I currently have a application that takes any image format, scales it down and encodes to PNG on the client before uploading to the server. There are a number of resources out there that can walk you through this process. Check out FileReference for FlashPlayer 10.

  • George

    UploadEase 1.3 is now complete and ready to download!

    Highlights include:

    * Image quality/compression, progressive mode, and scale hint options
    * Dynamic thumbnail/constrained image generation via callbacks
    * Scalable text and image watermarks
    * Enhanced cookie support for automatically copying cookies from the browser, manually specifying multiple cookies, and specifying the cookie management policy

    Please refer to the download page and reference documentation for more information and examples.

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  • Anonymous

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  • Simon Waters

    Currently Googling same question many years later – best so far is:

    I’m hope there is a better way.