Eye-Fi (camera memory card) Is A Disappointment


It turns out not to be as awesome as I had hoped. I had really hoped I’d never have to plug my camera in again — or slide the memory card out, and put it back into my computer. But after some miserable failings, that’s not apparently going to happen.

In addition, Eye-Fi wrecked a few photos of mine (see screenshot)… I don’t know whether the memory card itself (Eye-Fi) just isn’t great for photos, or if it was too busy trying to upload photos at the same time to my iPhone or my computer.. but none-the-less, I can’t risk losing that perfect shot.

I also can’t believe how exhausting the process is, and how it doesn’t really communicate to me what’s happening. When connecting to my computer, it seems to show me the photos — but over the last couple hours, it had failed to put the most recent photos onto my computer…. or onto my iPhone.

The software on the desktop tells me it’s uploading to my iPhone, yet my iPhone app says “Idle”, and the pictures never appeared on my iPhone.

So I turned on iCloud’s Photostream from Apple. I think this will help me. I liked the idea of getting photos from my SLR onto my iPhone, so that I could Instagram them. I could do that with iPhoto, but Photostream enabled just always makes my latest photos on my desktop available on my iPhone. Pretty sweet.

Still would love to remove the friction of having to take the memory card out of the SLR and putting it into my computer. Maybe someday.