Do you know a LAMP/PHP freelancer? Recommend them to me (for their sake)


OK, for my sake too. I’m looking for someone that’s a rockstar PHP/LAMP champ — and a Javascript champ too. I’m looking to pay for now — but I really want to find someone that I can have a long-term business relationship with. I’m looking for my programming soul-mate.

Anyhow, please forward this post to anyone you know that might be interested in some freelance work. I’m looking for someone that’s passionate, hungry, smart, and wanting to learn more. Email me via my contact form, or do an ‘@stp’ twitter reply to me.

P.S. I know I’ve been gone way too long from blogging, maybe someday I shall return. For now, I’m busy on a few projects. The ideas still flow though and I’m always open to giving input to anyone that wants a raw opinion on anything they’re working on – just hit me by email via my contact form.