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CNET is best acquirer of Digg

Digg would fit into CNET; especially with CNET seemingly trimming the fat and trying to get back to a core business model — which I believe is back to becoming something in the Tech world.

But the only way Digg users wouldn’t revolt this, is if Kevin Rose had some hard stipulations — here are a couple:

  1. CNET, before we sell, show us how we’d integrate into your family of Sites. Where will we appear and How? I want design mockups. We’ll help with this initial vision.
  2. When are you going to integrate us in the manner that we have agreed on? If not within 3 (?) months, then we have an out-clause from the deal — but not you.

And actually, I’d ask the Digg community what thoughts they have in terms of Digg being acquired. Who do they think could acquire Digg and they’d be happy.

Although, maybe CNET isn’t a good fit if they are trying to get out of Tech and more to the mainstream. Of course if that is the case, then the die-hards will likely jump ship to a Digg competitor that goes back to the tech roots.

Your thoughts?

  • Michael Wales

    I think CNET is a great option to acquire digg – but I don’t see them making any drastic changes or “integrating” it into their family of sites at all. I really don’t see anyone doing this – if/when digg is sold, they’ll keep the design the same, Kevin Rose will stay on board, and diggnation will continue to be recorded.

    The question is: does CNET have the money?

  • KwangErn

    Internet is all about neutrality and worldwide collaborative interaction. Digg provides that. When any giants acquire Digg, we have a big problem in terms of neutrality, though one may say that Digg itself isn’t neutral in some ways. But at least it’s more neutral than say, having Microsoft/CNET churning out whatever they want.

    This is where Reddit wins out.