Church, the Bitcoin Savior?


Congregations of people donate lots of money to help those in need — including poverty-stricken individuals across the world. A local congregation in my area announced they’ve been able to donate $10 million.

I imagine congregations being able to immediately help the 4 billion globally in poverty by donating Bitcoin. Instant help; instant feedback of their impact; fueling even more donations.

From the pew, one could contribute to a congregation’s campaign, which is immediately dispersed to a specific community across the world that is in need. By the end of their service, there’s likely smiling face “thank you” pictures of those that were just helped and videos and texts of gratitude. People can’t really do that now and get that immediate ROI (response of impact).

Getting mobile phones into the hands of those in poverty is the first step, then donating bitcoin could mean the end of poverty for some.

The church has the ability to lead the Bitcoin revolution.