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The Sports Stadium/Arena as a Platform

TweetSince my SXSW trip where I saw a presentation by Populous, the company that works on new stadiums, I’ve been thinking about how the stadium should be a platform. The stadium should have tons of cameras, lights, LEDs on stairways, LEDs everywhere, sensors on field, audio


Open Office Hours 8am-9am Wednesdays

TweetStarting next week Wednesday, February 18th, I will be making myself available to speak with anyone in 15-minute increments from 8am-9am, Wednesday mornings. I’ll be at Sweetness_7 Cafe, 220 Grant Street, Buffalo, NY 14213. If you have an idea you’d like some feedback on; or

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Startup Idea #137: Buy Local

TweetImagine a search engine like, but all the products are sold by all the local retailers. So instead of having something shipped from, it gets shipped or picked up or dropped off by a local retailer — maybe they’d even price match if

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Austin Texas Recommendations

TweetEast Side Showroom for drinks or a meal (delicious and serves old fashioned drinks that take like 5 minutes to make). If in North Austin, the tres leches cake at Chuy’s. “Frank” for brunch. Magnolia for breakfast. South Congress Cafe for any meal, cool spot