IDEA: Plugin to Sync Listening of a Song with Friends

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I use iTunes when I listen to songs. My buddy listens using Winamp. We both have and PC’s. We have similar music collections, if not same songs here and there.

We like to instant message [IM] each other and listen to songs or entire albums together. He’s in Virginia, I’m in Buffalo.

To do this, we both IM each other and say “ok – hit play – NOW”. We do that, then we IM each other to get each other sync’d up – “10 secs”, “20 secs”, then we are basically in sync.

I WISH IT WAS EASIER. In fact, I wish I could just “tune in” to his music player. It wouldn’t even have to stream the song to me if I already have the same song on my computer, it just needs to start playing the song exactly sync’d with his.

This seems like a plugin that we could both install — like, sitting in our system tray. Or maybe it needs to be in iTunes and Winamp.

I’d also love the ability for us to basically create a playlist that plays for both of us — let’s say it’s 10 songs long — he’d get to put 5 songs into the queue, and I’d get to put 5 songs in the queue. This way we could expose each other to new songs that we really love.

It’s basically like a radio station with interactivity and customization to just the people [friends] listening. This could be a few of my friends and I doing this together — exposing each other to the same songs.

I don’t know what the revenue model is — but maybe it’s “buy this track”, and if the thing really takes off you’ll probably have influencers and have data on what tracks are getting the most exposure between friends. But hell, I’d personally pay money for this software — but you’d likely need to make it free to gain traction.

Here’s an example IM session between us regarding a new track by Wolf Parade: [pardon the vulgarities]

iTunes Search Engine [opportunity]

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Apple iTunesFred Wilson twittered that he was looking for these “I’m Free” remixes by The Rolling Stones. Can’t say I’m a huge fan of the Stones, but the remixes are by some hot artists — Postal Service, Hot Chip, Fat Boy Slim, and Moby.

I did some research and found out they were released exclusively on iTunes. I happen to not have iTunes installed at this time, so I did a search to try and find an iTunes song search engine. No luck — I couldn’t find one.

So here’s an idea for the taking — create an iTunes search engine. Sign up as an affiliate of Apple through LinkShare. Then I think to get access to Apple’s 6.5mm song data feed (download data feed spec doc), you have to pay $250 to LinkShare (which gives you access to product feeds from many of their merchants). You’ll then earn 5% of any sales that result from your iTunes search engine.

Note: Don’t use ‘itunes’ in the domain you choose for this (you could use something more generic related to mp3’s or music — because then you could work to get a data feed from’s MP3 library, eMusic, and others like IMEEM, these new ad-supported free download sites, and in the near future we’re going to see other big players opening up DRM-free MP3s for sale — like Yahoo!).

Further Note: 5% of a $0.99 track is only $0.05. You’d have to sell a lot of songs to make any real money from Apple’s affiliate program — however, you could complement your Site with display ads (much like and Hype Machine do), as well as sponsored search results (from Google, or Validclick, or Searchfeed, etc).

Good luck!