Burnt Out, Refocusing


It was bound to happen again in my life — especially at the current stage. I started overworking — day job, Techquila Shots, TechCrunch writing, WeBothLike start-up, Web2.0forsale.com … too much and for what? I’m use to working 12+ hour days from the days of owning my consulting firm … and really for the past 8 years I’d say I’ve been a workaholic.

So Techquila Shots is trimming down. I had in the back of my head the hope that this could get a large enough readership that it might bring in enough revenue to sustain me — likely not going to happen, given what I write about. Fred Wilson said he makes $25-$30k/year for his blog and he’s got 11k readers — I have anywhere from 1000-1500. If I were writing breaking tech news or covering start-ups, there’d be a larger audience I could target — and people would blog about my posts, link back, and grow this more. But people aren’t really blogging about my posts, thus no linkbacks, thus not much awareness — and very difficult to acquire new readers.

With goals in mind, I went on a mission to try and write 2 posts per day to this site — the regimen can eventually really stress a person out, especially when I have so much other stuff going on. Techquila Shots is really therapeutic for me — I’m an idea guy; have been for the past 10 years and likely will be for the rest of my life. I read, I watch, I listen — and I generate ideas. If I don’t get those ideas out, I get anxiety — because I start thinking about how to accomplish them, then realize I don’t have the resources to do so, then get stressed. Maybe you understand, maybe not 🙂

So I’m not going to stress about writing posts to this blog anymore. If I get an idea, I’ll post it — but I’m not going to put a demand on myself to get a post up every day, or every week. I thank you if you’ve been an avid Techquila Shots reader and commenter — expect posts in the future, but just not as often as they were.

I’m also re-evaluating a lot of other things in life and lowering my personal expectations of myself — going to try and relax a bit, be more realistic in my hopes of changing the world, and do the things I’ve been tossing to the side in exchange for over-working … such as working out more.

I’m an overly ambitious serial entrepreneur — and maybe this post is one big lie to myself that I want to believe I can do. Only time will tell…