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Blogging a Web Start-Up with Expert Insight

Ringside StartupRingside Startup has officially launched.
Here are the basics on this endeavor:

I’m raising $20,000 in reader/sponsor contributions to launch a web start-up. Contributor participation entitles you to vote on actual business decisions — the first of which will be which idea that I’ve exposed via Techquila Shots will be the web start-up I build from the ground up. I will blog about this entire journey as openly as I can — taking you through the entire start-up process (beginning with incorporation — whether to be LLC or S-Corp Inc; in Delaware or NY) and providing feedback from VCs to Entrepreneurs along the way. My hope is that we’ll all learn quite a lot about the start-up process from this experience.

The goal is for entrepreneurs to learn from all the processes and obstacles I go through — and gaining insight along the way from seasoned professionals.

I have commitments for advisor participation from:

Of course at any point, any of them can remove themselves from this project.

More details are available at the FAQ. Feel free to read up on the advisor profiles and make your own contribution to help this project move forward.

More Advisors Sought: I’d really like to add some more seasoned entrepreneurs. If you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, VC, or Angel that has been down the road with many start-ups — and you’re interested in helping to educate other entrepreneurs on the start-up process, please drop me an email.

I’m looking for 15+ seasoned “advisors / educators” for this project — not seeking any money from you, just hoping you’ll comment on various topics through-out this openly blogged start-up process when you feel you may have good input. My hope is for 2-3 comments (short or long) from you per week — but one per week would be better than none. You can drop-off at any point — your participation as an advisor/educator/expert is that your comments will be highlighted / featured in my posts.