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Startup Idea #129: What are you working on?

TweetThe other day I met with a buddy that runs a photobooth rental company. After the meeting, I sent some introduction emails to him and others I know that he should know. It got me thinking, helping others is great — it’s human for us

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TechCrunch Guest Post: What Startup To Build?

TweetMy latest guest post on TechCrunch, “What Startup To Build?”, can be read here: Past TechCrunch guests posts: “Will It End Very Badly?” Probably Not. The New Early-Adopter Addiction: Turntable Twitter And Facebook Turn Everyone Into An Affiliate Marketer Some other favorite posts off my own blog: 100+ Web

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Startup Idea #128: The Graffiti Wall

TweetRemember being younger and writing all over stuff? Benches in the locker room at school, walls in stalls, etc. “Dave loves Michelle 6/8/10”, and drawings of random things. Remember the Million Dollar Homepage? A limited amount of space for sale at $1 per pixel, 1mm

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Startup Idea #127: Spotted

TweetSimple idea, iOS app, I’d charge $0.99. App has one button “spotted” that you press when you see a cop. Fuzz Alert app exists and appears to be similar. Push or audio notifications when you are near an area with a recent spot, or a

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IDEA #126: Marketplace for Doing Good

TweetCongrats to Matt Galligan (@mg) and Shervin Pishevar (@shervin) on their launch of 1% Of Nothing (@1percentof) , an initiative for startups to allocate 1% of equity to a non-profit of their choice, which isn’t used unless an acquisition occurs. Thus the non-profit is also

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Domain Cleaning

TweetDear Steve Poland, This notice is to inform you that the items listed below have been deleted from your account: .COM Domain Name Registration – 1 Year: CAPTUREYOURLIKES.COM .COM Domain Name Registration – 1 Year: PEANUTBUTTER2MYJELLY.COM .COM Domain Name Registration – 1 Year: REFAVE.COM .COM Domain Name Registration