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IDEA #7 – Video Comments Plugin for Blogs

TweetMichael Arrington, TechCrunch 1/14/07: “For the blogger crowd, it would be very useful to have a plugin that works directly with the standard comments feature that allows users to leave text, audio, or audio/video comments at their election. If someone builds a stable plugin that

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IDEA #3 – (”share my internet”)

Tweet I’ve written about this idea in the past (here and here). ShareMyWifi (I own ‘’ — “share my internet”) — Have you ever been somewhere and didn’t have an Internet connection (airport, hotel)? Or maybe you have the Internet connection and want to monetize

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All My Web Ideas, are all Yours

TweetI’ve made a decision — I’m not going to be holding ideas back on this blog. I’ve been marinating on a few that I think are quite great (look for them soon) — but I’m not in a position to act on any ideas. This

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IDEA #1: Multiple callers-to-text transcription software

TweetDon’t you hate sitting through 60-minute podcasts only to hear 3-minutes of worthiness? Jason Calacanis is joined by Doc Searls, Michael Arrington, and Dana Gardner among others for a virtual roundtable conversation available here. However, that webpage tells you nothing more about the discussion —