All My Web Ideas, are all Yours


I’ve made a decision — I’m not going to be holding ideas back on this blog. I’ve been marinating on a few that I think are quite great (look for them soon) — but I’m not in a position to act on any ideas. This is my year to get out of debt for the first time in about 10 years of my life. When I was young and naive with all my creative web ideas, I was running before I knew how to walk — and I was blowing through cash credit like it was water.

As an entrepreneur with 10-years experience working with websites (owning my own web strategy / internet marketing consulting firm, and having worked for 4 different web design firms, being apart of the development of hundreds of websites — in roles ranging from graphic designer to programmer to project strategist to account executive) and being obsessed during that time with web technologies, web start-ups, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists … I’m quite well-rounded and get a lot of ideas.

After faulting on 9 various start-ups (some were mere ideas that made it to business plans, while others turned into actual websites), they have all been great experiences for me — and I’m by no means done. It’s been a while since I’ve struck out on a non-service business — and I’m going to make it a little while longer. March 2003 marked the end of my last non-service business — actually, April 2005 was a different one that I was working.

I’m relatively young still (27) and I can’t imagine the idea flow will stop — it hasn’t the past 10 years. Granted, there have been periods of time that you could say were my periods of “writer’s block” — I lacked creativity — but hopefully that won’t be stopping by anytime soon.

The point of this blog is to spur creative thought — help you to think “out of the box” with your business, industry, or own start-up ideas.

I hope you join me in unleashing — not holding back your creative thoughts that might make an idea I propose better, or giving feedback on issues you see arising with it, or feedback as to why you’d never use the service/software/product that’s being proposed in the thread. Maybe, just maybe, something great (service/software/product) can come as a result of this blog.

My other posts on this blog will be brainstorms on businesses and industries — what they can be doing to “improve” their services/products/industries. If you’d like to suggest one for me to do, simply email me at