Formerly the Managing Director of Z80 Labs, a $6.6 million tech seed fund and accelerator.

I am an entrepreneur.

I have written for TechCrunch and contributed to ReadWriteWeb and VentureBeat. I have been mentioned in CNN, Wired, Business Week, MediaPost, Barron’s, Mashable, and VentureBeat.

My past 9-lives (outside of my own startups) include bizdev & sales roles at web tech firms, along with a Management degree from Purdue University (Go Boilers!).

I have lived in many places, but am settled in my hometown of Buffalo, NY where it has been a painstaking road to win a national sports championship (although we’re excited the “Pegula era” is ahead of us with the Sabres).

In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts, watching College Gameday on Saturdays in the Fall, drinking fancy beers, traveling the world and tasting awesome foods around the world with my wife Caryn.

Some more stuff about me:

  • I was once a (marketing) roadie for a few weeks for the band Earth, Wind & Fire.
  • I play Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Blokus, Chess, and Bridge. I bring it. I play Bridge only a couple times a year these days, when I visit my Dad. I’m rusty on Chess, but came in 2nd place at a regional North-East Math Team meetup when I was in highschool. Blokus – I will rock you. Monopoly – my friends and I have a standing annual game during Thanksgiving – I’m the reigning champ 3-years in a row – talk about a turkey. Risk – I go for Australia, then for the jugular.
  • I’m involved in the local tech scene, having co-founded BarCamp Buffalo and a weekly geek meetup on Tuesday mornings (swing by!).
  • A couple years ago I knew New Year’s Eve in Buffalo has sucked for awhile, so I took it upon myself and my company threw a 500-person New Year’s Eve party — sold-out and then did it again the following year (it was the last public event at the 86-year old historic Statler Towers Hotel).
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