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A Moment For My Sponsors: You

Taking a moment to mention some of the readers (25 of them) in the Techquila Shots community. My comments are in bold below. Thanks for all your emails:

Juan Sanchez – ScaleNine – A theme and skinning resource for Flex 2. Juan designed my logo! He had an idea for it and ran with it — sent me the comp and I fell in love! He’s been a pleasure to work with.

James Kirk (Burbank, CA, USA) – Boldly Going – Our game plan is to develop our members into a community powered publishing collective. Our site design and functionality will be about the ease of generating notes and articles on one of eight areas that we feel are solid foundations required for success in business and in life. Getting very involved in the posts and contributing his ideas ontop of my ideas (which spur more ideas) — would love to see more of this from everyone (hint, hint) :)

Holger Kosmitzki (17 yrs old – Sydney) – Blog (in German) about his life as an exchange student in Sydney (he’s German). He sent me a web idea he’s working on related to fashion industry — honestly Holger, it sounds like a great idea; very simple premise, which means easily understood by anyone within about 10 seconds of telling them. I wish you luck executing on it.

Nitin Karandikar (Silicon Valley, USA) – The Software Abstractions blog – Hi-tech blog about Internet Search, Vertical Search Engines and Enterprise 2.0. “Techquila Shots” is great! I always look at the feed near the end of the day – it’s always inspiring to read a bunch of new ideas related to web/tech.

Kristopher – Group Recipes – A recipe and food social networking site (with a stronger emphasis on the food/recipes than SN).

Manoj Kumar (India) – dreamZhunt – Nation-wide contest (in India) for some cool business ideas hoping to locate few “potential” technopreneurs. Looking to pick the three best ideas at the end of the event and invest in them – typically ranging between $20k to $100k per idea.

Trevor (Lansing, Michigan, USA) – Started two blogs last week: Lansing Investor (“mainly about my life and my investing in Lansing”) and OnTheWebHoldEm (“all about gambling, specifically hold ’em poker”).

Matthew Chen – Megite is the social news aggregrator for anyone interested in what’s happening right now by intelligently uncovering the most relevant items from auto discovered news sites and weblogs.

Anthony Nemitz (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) – I’m passionate about anything involving technology. Hopefully you’ll be seeing a startup from me soon, but until then my blog focuses on tech/biz commentary. “Great stuff on Techquila Shots, especially the ideas. It’s interesting to see how others tackle problems and come up with their ideas.”

Jon Speer (Martinsville, IN, USA) – Creo Quality – Provide medical device consulting services and blog about issues pertaining to medical device product development. I recently stumbled across your blog and just love it!

Jamie Gaines (Summerfield, NC, USA) – – I list last-minute vacation rentals from around the world. Everything is available in the next two weeks. I found out about your blog – great name, by the way – a little over a week ago and have been hooked ever since. I’m always kicking around various web-based business ideas and bouncing them off of others, so your site is a welcome addition to my reader. Jamis – I love your business name as well.. “(lickety split)… Lickety Trip!”

Mike Regina (Philadelphia, PA, USA) – Idea Whip – “I don’t think I would consider myself an Entrepreneur because I don’t work for myself, but I would definitely consider myself one just because of all the startups I’ve tried to start…none of them went anywhere unfortunately. But each one has been a learning experience and hopefully one of these days one will pay off.” Mike – I disagree; you’re an entrepreneur. And falling on your face many times is a pre-req to “success” (whatever you deem that to be). Every start-up scar sticks with you – and eventually with each scar, you’ll remember not to touch the same stove burner again.

Michael Wales (Vandenberg AFB, CA, USA) – is primarily about military/programming stuff. used to be web 2.0 but has been down since I went to Kuwait last year. is in the works as a gaming-related video/social network. I’m most famous for – a mesh of desktop application and web-based parsing to generate in-game demographics for World of Warcraft. This was sold to IGE April of last year.

Josue Sierra – Part-time independent consultant and currently work full-time as an Online Community Manger and Associate Editor for, a Salem Communications news and politics website with a focus on the right-of-center perspective. Josue – Great WordPress theme! 😉

Peter Haslam (Toronto, ON, Canada) – Necessary Skills (blog) – Deals with skills and self-learning. “I taught adult learners for a number of years and always enjoyed when someone could take over their own learning process.”

George Bratan (Bucharest, Romania) – TagaBook – Offering user submitted reviews on books with all the “Web 2.0” features. I think what you’re doing is great, I’m sure Techquila Shots will be a winner. George is interested in any marketing ideas you may have to help him ‘spread the word’ of TagaBook. Feel free to post a comment to this post with any ideas for him.

Drew Hintz (Washington, DC, USA) – World of Warcraft Maps – “I co-created the Google Maps mashup with World of Warcraft. We’ve formed a company and are working on even more creative combinations of games and real-world technology.”

Kevin (Manchester, UK) – I run an mp3 blog – we just talk about records that we like
and try to share some music love, and tie it together with a night we run here in manchester, UK. Keep up the good work on the blog – loving your ideas.

Jeremy Goodrich (Cupertino, CA, USA) – – Social question & answer service. “What we’re passionate about: Helping people help each other, make friends, and make the world a better place.” I’ll comment more on your blog, too 😉 I’m holding you to that Jeremy :)

Dan Scudder (Boston, MA) – DormItem – Aggregating all the niche college textbook exchanges/classifieds across the country into one centralized search engine. Co-founder Zack Coburn also founded

Jon Atkinson (UK) – I try to blog about web development methodologies and tools, along with the odd quick hack I pick up here and there. I really love Techquila – over here on the the other side of the Atlantic I usually read your posts when I get to work in the morning – nothing like some tasty ideas to start the day!

Grant Miller – – Free weight loss and healthy living community, provides millions of people with the support, motivation and tools to live healthier lives. I really like the principle of your blog. We all have so many ideas that we never get to follow-up on b/c we’re so busy with pursuing all the other ideas, so why not share them with the world and create a little more open source culture around IP that you’d never get to anyway. (Not to mention, you might get some really strong “spins” on your ideas that build them into amazing ideas.) FYI to everyone: Feel free to send me an idea post — if I like it, I’ll post it with full credit to you [and link to you]. If I’m not interested in posting it, I promise to reply and let you know — then you can simply post it on your blog.

Robert Dewey (21 yrs old – Rochester Hills, MI, USA) – Wantsy – My blog is outlining my journey as a founder of a startup named Wantsy (but to be honest, we’re not 100% sure of our market, so we aren’t “doing anything” yet). I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur and plan on publishing my blogs for other startup founders to flip through. All: Do you ever post ‘wanted’ listings? If you want something, do you simply go buy it? Where do you look to buy? When you can’t find what you want, what do you do? Post as a comment to this post to help Robert out.

Neal Lathia (University College London, London, UK) – Our blog about different research issues (as part of the mobile systems interest group in the UCL Computer Science networks group).

Finally, my Mom — hi Mom! I couldn’t imagine what this woman has been through having a son as an entrepreneur. She’s a travel agent in Buffalo, NY — at a small 4-person firm, Koch Travel (ask for Debbie: 716-875-8920 or her email). I know the world now has tons of different methods of purchasing travel online — but if you’re looking to plan a trip, vacation, cruise, honeymoon, … My Mom can really help you figure out where to go. She’s also known as the ‘Vegas Queen’ in the office — she knows Las Vegas like the back of her hand. Lastly, if you do any kind of corporate travel — seriously, she’s your girl. She does some creative trip planning to cut costs on short-notice business trips.

If I missed you, feel free to post in the comments a little about yourself.

  • James D Kirk

    Nice list, Steve. I can easily see this becoming a weekly (and then daily?) feature at TS’s! Hopefully, the goal will be to have some of the ideas posted and commented upon here, “graduate” and get featured on your weekly “Sponsors: You” list.

    Oh, and not sure when my next business travel is, however since I sincerely doubt it matters that your Mom is in Buffalo, and I’m about to relocate to Arizona! I’ll be giving her a call, you can bank on it!

    Thanks for your continued hard work and great results.

    Go Boldly!

  • Josue

    Hey, Thanks for the shout-out. Yup — you are the source for the theme. I am going to be customizing it, though…

    I like your logo–very creative. Do you have a process for branding innovation? I would love to see a post with some insight into branding.


  • Kev

    Thanks for the shout! although you forgot to ‘http’ my link 😉

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  • Mitch

    Thanks a lot, I’m fully into developing it. If I need some professional SEO, I know who to contact.

  • Jon Speer

    Thank you very much! I enjoyed reading about your other sponsors too. Lots of good stuff!
    BTW – I’ve actually been searching for a travel agent. My wife and I are thinking about a lil’ trip in a few weeks. I may give your mom a call.

  • Jeremy Goodrich

    Holding me to commenting more? Sure 😉 Thanks for the note about me (and funadvice) it’s appreciated.

    Reading about who else is reading here is pretty cool – very good idea featuring readers.